Our Story

We’re an unruly tribe of weekend vagabonds and storytellers who hear the call of the Australian wild.

Launched in 2014, WAE is an online publisher and community that encourages Australians to fill their lives with microadventures; cheap, simple and local escapes that pack the spirit of adventure into an amazing weekend away. Working closely with a creator network of top influencers, we’re a multi-platform brand collaborator specialising in photography, film and social media campaigns.

From epic road trips and surf weekends to climbing mountains and sleeping in caves, this is a place to discover, explore, connect and share your favourite outdoor activities and playgrounds.

Our mission? To make the outdoors easy and accessible for everyone whilst spreading the excitement and power of outdoor adventure.

Henry Brydon

Founder and Editor

Founder and Editor of We Are Explorers, he's always on the rummage for fresh experiences, adventure and all round soul nourishment. He rode a push bike from London to Sydney over two years in search of the ultimate adventure; a 38,000km journey through 30 countries that showed him the beauty of the world and the relieving qualities of chafage cream.

Ellie Keft

Digital & Community Manager

Ellie has maintained a healthy love-hate relationship with study in recent years, graduating with a varied cocktail of qualifications. To keep her sane, Ellie peppers her work-study life by volunteering as a surf lifesaver and working and hiking all over the world; Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, 12-day Northwest Circuit on Stewart Island in NZ, Mt Kilimanjaro summit- you name it, she’ll try it.

Amy Molloy

Senior Contributor

Amy Molloy is a journalist, author and ghost-writer who splits her time between London and Sydney. Previously Editor of Grazia Australia, she now writes for publications including The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, the Times, Marie Claire and Harpers BAZAAR. Amy is also Contributing Editor at The COLLECTIVE magazine & an ambassador for 1 Million Women. As a #digitalnomad, you'll usually find her anywhere but at a desk...

Tim Ashelford

Features Writer

Tim is a weekend explorer who can’t decide on which outdoor sport he loves the most. Between rock-climbing, surfing, downhill skateboarding and mountain biking he squeezes in some writing and loves to inspire others. Tim is a keen environmentalist, giving vegetarianism a go and wondering if he can drop an electric motor in his Forester. He’s a member of 1st Turramurra Rover Crew and on weekdays can be found running Adventure Megastore at Chatswood.

Colin Levitch

Gear Guru

Born and bred in Colorado Colin is our resident gear guru, from boots to backpacks he’s about finding the right tool for the right job. Currently based on the Gold Coast, Colin is also a Staff Writer at BikeRadar.com and a Freelance Adventure and Action Sports Photographer.

Joel Johnsson


A born neophile with a love of spontaneous adventure, Joel can be found on any given weekend (and many given weekdays) exploring some new canyon, beach or waterfall. Given that his day-job is saving the world from climate change, he’s one person we think needs to spend more time in the office. Regardless, he seems constantly on the verge of throwing it all in and opening a hammock bar in Tahiti.

Yasmin Maher


Yasmin is an Internationally exhibited Photographer and a Visual Arts high school teacher. She has shown her work in Miami, New York and Paris. When she isn't teaching, she splits her time between her camera and her motorbike and is happiest on the trails documenting the Australian Bush. She is currently teaching her cat to walk on a leash.