Our Story

We’re Australia’s fastest growing adventure platform, with a hyper-engaged audience of microadventurers in search of nature-fuelled experiences around Australia and New Zealand. The business was founded by Henry Brydon in 2014 and has 3 core areas:

1 // We Are Explorers Website and Community

We spread the excitement and power of outdoor adventure to the everyday explorer.
60,000+ monthly readers / 90,000+ social media followers

2 // Explorer Studios

We create authentic, high-quality visual content, editorial and experiences for the bravest brands and destinations (Clients include BMW, Harley Davidson, Leatherman, Visit Shoalhaven and Visit Victoria).

3 // Wilderness Escapes

From survival courses and canoe trips to adventure photography workshops and surf escapes, we deliver epic experiences for weekend escape artists around Australia.

About Henry

In 2010 he cycled from London to Sydney over 2 years in search of adventure. The 38,000km journey took him through 30 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia, teaching him about the beauty of the world and value of chafage cream. Animal attacks, sandstorms, prison…the seed of adventure was planted.

Settling in Sydney he turned to the weekends for his adventure fix. Frustrated by the lack of inspirational and informative content out there for micro-adventurers in Australia, he started the We Are Explorers community to help others answer their call to the wild.

Henry Brydon


Founder of We Are Explorers, he's always on the rummage for fresh experiences, adventure and all round soul nourishment. He rode a push bike from London to Sydney over two years in search of the ultimate adventure; a 38,000km journey through 30 countries that showed him the beauty of the world and the relieving qualities of chafage cream.

Ellie Keft

Digital & Community Manager

Ellie has maintained a healthy love-hate relationship with study in recent years, graduating with a varied cocktail of qualifications. To keep her sane, Ellie peppers her work-study life by volunteering as a surf lifesaver and working and hiking all over the world; Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, 12-day Northwest Circuit on Stewart Island in NZ, Mt Kilimanjaro summit- you name it, she’ll try it.

Tim Ashelford

Contributing Editor

Tim is a weekend explorer who can’t decide which outdoor sport he loves the most. Between rock-climbing, surfing, hiking and mountain biking he squeezes in some writing and loves to inspire others. A keen environmentalist and a recent vegetarian, he's now wondering if he can drop an electric motor in his Forester. He's constantly stoking out on new adventures in his own backyard and the realness of experience the bush has to offer.

Rachel Lewis

Social Media and Editorial Assistant

Despite being unquestionably hydrophillic from a young age, Rachel can never quite decide which she likes best: the ocean or the woods. She's passionate about wellbeing and knows that we're all tied up in each other's as well as the planet's. That's why every project she works on connects people with each other and with nature. When she's not out documenting swimming holes for Wild Swimming Australia or curating content for We Are Explorers, she's bound to be immersed in water somewhere, somehow.

Lisa Owen

Featured Explorer

Lisa is a passionate adventurer, hiker, nomad and writer. A public relations professional and travel blogger Monday to Friday, but by the time the weekend rolls around, Lisa ditches the corporate world for her hiking boots and sets out to discover the best off track trails across Queensland and New South Wales.

Joel Johnsson

Featured Explorer

A born neophile with a love of spontaneous adventure, Joel can be found on any given weekend (and many given weekdays) exploring some new canyon, beach or waterfall. Given that his day-job is saving the world from climate change, he’s one person we think needs to spend more time in the office. Regardless, he seems constantly on the verge of throwing it all in and opening a hammock bar in Tahiti.

Lachie Thomas

Featured Explorer

Having grown up on the fringes of the Victorian High Country, Lachie has spent his life skiing, trail running, hiking and most recently slack lining. Every possible moment is spent as far from the city as he can get, pushing ever deeper into the backcountry in search of hidden spots.

Mike Pidgeon

Featured Explorer

A proper English adventure seeker and outdoor connoisseur currently living in Sydney. With a yearning for all things wild I feel at home out and about and discovering new places and taking the occasional photo.

Patrick Corden

Featured Explorer

Patrick is studying a degree in science with an interest in the environment and climate change. However, you’re much more likely to find him as far away from university as possible. He’s preparing for a yearlong (minimum) jaunt around South America and North America.

Scout Hinchliffe

Featured Explorer

For some, adventure is a fresh pair of underwear, a different pub on a Friday night or a new pizza topping. For Scout, the experience usually involves her fellow mountain mover & ocean groover, their VW campervan, surfboards, mountains and all other cool sh*t along the way.

Tiffany Hulm

Featured Explorer

A small town country girl with a big, fat passion to explore and to inspire others to see the world. Currently rolling around her homeland in a van she calls 'The Cream Dream' in search of waterfalls, wineries and all things wildly wonderful.

Yasmin Maher

Featured Explorer

Yasmin is a teacher and photographer living on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia. When she's not out camping, hiking or taking photos, she can be found teaching the next generation to be creative and environmentally aware.