Fortress Canyon is one of many short canyons located in the Katoomba area – with an easy walk in, one simple abseil and a free bubble bath, it’s an ideal introductory canyon.


  • Swimming in pristine waters
  • Breathtaking views
  • A free bubble bath!

The Lowdown

At last — blue skies — and our group of adventure hungry canyoners rushed for another quick adventure fix in the famous Blue Mountains.

The recent deluge had given rise to a few special treats, tiny bursts of colour were everywhere we looked. Little fungi were making a desperate last attempt to flourish and seed their future existence. Toadstools that were duck egg blue grabbed our attention, none of us had ever seen this species prior — alas, my beloved macro lens was 120km away.

Still Pool - Fortress Canyon

Everything was looking lush and water levels in the creek we followed through the canyon were inches above previously seen levels. Small waterfalls crept in from side creeks and the canyon walls making for some pretty photographs.

The water temperature was still very pleasant so the multiple swims we had to complete were very enjoyable. There is only one easy short abseil in this canyon which, after checking for depth, provided great entertainment for a few of our younger-at-heart canyoners who jumped in instead of abseiling.

Flowing Fortress Creek - Fortress Canyon

Aside from breathtaking views of the Grose Valley throughout the walk, the highlight of the trip was where the canyon ended – at the top of a very high sheer sheer cliff with amazing views of the Grose and a deep rock pool close to the edge. The water from the creek tends to rush into and over the pool creating a somewhat natural spa bath — a great place to sit, relax, and take in the views — we even had a bottle of wine to go with it!

Fortress canyon is an easy beginner route but as always, canyoning needs to be conducted with caution and in the company of experienced leaders.

Essential Gear

  • Abseiling equipment
  • Wetsuit
  • Helmet
  • Wine?


  • Swimming
  • Abseiling
  • Deep water jumps
  • Photography

How To Get There

Drive to Mt Hay Rd at Leura. Follow the road to the Fortress Ridge trail and follow the trail down to Fortress Creek, then follow the creek. More detailed track notes for Fortress Canyon are available online.

Skill Level

Beginner — with all canyons you should have had prior instruction in abseiling with an experienced leader.


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