Forget US summer camps, Croatian yacht weeks, and pints of lager at English pubs, the NSW Government wants you to take your gap year in regional NSW. 


The NSW State Government has just launched the Regional Gap Year campaign to encourage high school leavers (or anyone who feels like mixing it up) to spend a year living, working, and exploring regional NSW. We can get behind that. 

With everyone taking holidays locally, the hospitality and tourism industries are struggling to keep up with demand! There are thousands of jobs available in these sectors across the state, as well as in agriculture, sports and recreation, childcare, and construction, with many roles needing little or no experience.

The NSW Government hopes to help fill these roles and provide young people with a rewarding regional experience, on par with what they might’ve enjoyed overseas. And with so many epic adventures to be had in NSW, it could end up being your trip of a lifetime. 

Minister for Regional Youth Bronnie Taylor says, ‘People who have spent their youth working in regional communities often say it’s those adventures that have shaped their identities, given them lifelong connections and provided them with life skills they’ve taken from the bush to the boardroom.’

From the wide open landscapes of the outback, to the rainforests and winding rivers of the North Coast, and the epic ski season awaiting in the Snowy Mountains, NSW has a country town to suit every worker and every Explorer. 

‘Now is the chance to explore the local culture, history and beauty in your own backyard’ Mrs Taylor said

Check out the Regional Gap Year government page for everything you need to have the gap year of a lifetime, without the hassle and cost of a passport and airfare!


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Feature photo by @ainraadik