NSW is finally set to ban single-use plastic bags as part of the state’s new 20 Year Waste Strategy and Plastics Plan.

NSW has announced plans to ban single-use plastic bags within the next 18 months and is the final state in Aus to make the change. The announcement comes as part of a larger plan to overhaul and improve the waste management systems within the state.

The 20 Year Waste Strategy and Plastics Plan were released by the NSW State Government over the weekend, with massive plans to not only reduce the amount of waste produced in NSW, but create better ways of recycling and reusing it too. 

The Plastics Plan aims to phase out not only single-use plastic bags, but other key single-use plastics including straws, disposable cutlery and foodware, in order to reduce plastic litter in NSW 25% by 2025. That means way less rubbish turning up where it shouldn’t be, like in the surf or on a mountaintop

The Plastics Plan also aims to improve collection and sorting, in order to triple the amount of plastic recycled within the state by 2030. That’s seriously impressive. 

As part of the 20 Year Waste Strategy there are plans to generate a serious demand for products created from recycled products within the economy, so that these materials are seen as a resource, rather than waste. How good! 

Image courtesy of NSW State Government

A large part of these two strategies is community consultation, which means it’s your opportunity to have your say about the future of waste in NSW. Both plans are available online for you to download and dissect before completing the survey. Public feedback is being accepted until 5pm Friday 8 May 2020, so spend some time having a read and contribute your thoughts. This is some seriously big and important progress!

While you’re at it, why not have a think about ways you can reduce plastic on your adventures as well? We’re all sick of seeing plastic ruining the serenity.

Feature photo by Solaye Snider