Have you ever heard of a Nerriga Grevillea? Seeing as there’s only 12 known plants in the wild, possibly not! 


But this gorgeous multi-coloured grevillea has just bloomed for the first known time since 2006. Take a look! 



The plant’s been spotted by NSW National Park’s Saving Our Species ecologist, Erika Roper, as well as private landholders. 

Unlike some other grevilleas, the Nerriga Grevillea (Grevillea renwickiana) spreads under the ground, utilising rhizomes to sprout the flowers and leaves. Individual plants can grow over a kilometre long and some are estimated to be tens of thousands of years old.

The plant’s natural distribution is a small area from the south of Nattai National Park down to Nerriga and some of the Budawangs

How’s that for a Christmas miracle?