The Muk Mat is your new favourite piece of turf. Clean your feet or shoes to keep the outside where it belongs.


I know what you’re thinking: ‘Huh? Isn’t this We Are Explorers? Should sandy, dirty, grounded feet be part of the deal?’

Yes, dear reader, I agree with you. But I’ll stop short of pretending I like the stuff in my sleeping bag, or sweeping it out of a caravan thrice a day.

A dustpan and brush often makes the lists of most underrated camping items (yes, even for tents) but what if you could just stop it getting there in the first place?

That was Suzanne’s goal when she started Muk Mat, an Aussie company that aims to solve the issue of ‘muk’ getting into all the wrong places.

Meet the Muk Mat

What’s the fuss, isn’t it a door mat?

Yes, but in Suzanne’s words, it’s ‘a stylish door mat that actually works’.

You know that feeling when you wipe your feet clean on some lush, deep grass? The Muk Mat is designed to let you do that pretty much anywhere.

The 40mm thick recycled synthetic turf properly cleans your feet or shoes and it’s built for the outdoors with water-resistant materials, UV protection, and my favourite bit: it looks like a patch of grass.


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Heaps of Options

The Muk Mat started out with a regular doormat size but its popularity quickly led to a large, extra large, step size (for caravans and vans) and even a grey version for people’s homes.

If you can’t decide, check out the whole range, you’ll get 10% off if you buy two or more.


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