There’s a lot of space out there in The Red Centre. Ranges to climb, ridgelines to pedal, downhills to send, and plenty of red, rocky terrain to skrrrt across. Welcome to mountain biking Mecca. 

We acknowledge that this adventure is located on Mparntwe Nation, the traditional Country of the Arrernte people who have occupied and cared for this land and water for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

The Red Centre? A Mountain Bike Hub?

Mparntwe / Alice Springs is the centre of this mountain biking hub, and locals have kept it on the down-low for years. But as The Red Centre becomes the home of multiple mountain biking races, adrenaline-inducing Mparntwe / Alice Springs isn’t much of a secret anymore. We’ve unearthed some of the gnarliest (and a few chill) mountain bike trails in The Red Centre so you can rip it up!

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West MacDonnell Ranges | Photo by Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike

Iconic Mountain Biking Adventures


To get to some of the far-reaching mountain bike trails around Mparntwe / Alice Springs you need to ride multiple trails just to reach the trailhead…orrrr you could chuck your bike in a helicopter and chopper there. Nah I’m not pulling ya dusty, ol’ leg! 

Take a helicopter to the trailhead of either Hell Line (15km) or Road Train (5.5km) for an unforgettable experience that puts you high above The Red Centre and deep in the outback all in one adventure. 

Transfers to the three possible access points can be organised through Alice Springs Helicopters but the rest is up to you! 

Nighttime Mountain Biking

The mercury can really creep up on you in The Red Centre, and often riding exposed and remote mountain bike trails isn’t exactly what you’ll be wanting to do in the height of the day. 

Give it a few hours, the sun will dip behind the horizon and the temps will start to drop too. This is when a lot of people grab their bikes and head for the trails. 

Mountain biking at night (or dusk) has become popular in Mparntwe / Alice Springs and adds an extra thrill to navigating the trails. Plus the night is when the desert comes to life, upping your chances of spotting some furry friends. 

Just don’t forget your bike lights!

Ride Around Uluṟu

There’s no denying a pedal around Uluṟu is a must-do for bike-fanatics, and this flat loop is easy enough for everyone to get around. 

The route follows a combination of the Uluṟu Base Walk and road riding to make a 15km loop around Uluṟu. The self-guided ride is nearly completely flat (suitable for kids and highly recommended for families) and gets you up close to the rock and its wonders at your own pace. 

Bikes are available to hire through Outback Cycling, located just by the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa Cultural Centre car park.

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Beginner MTB Trails in Mparntwe / Alice Springs

Most of the mountain biking tracks in The Red Centre lie within a short drive or ride of Mparntwe / Alice Springs. The town sits between Tjoritja / West Macdonnell Ranges (Westside) and the Yeperenye / East Macdonnell Ranges (Eastside), and the mountain bike routes are sprawled across them. Let’s rip in!


Telegraph Station Trails | Photo by Tourism NT/Shaana McNaught


Distance: 4km
Location: Westside

The only beginner rated trail on the Westside, Atetherre, meaning Budgerigar, is the gateway to the Westside and the other eight trails that criss-cross the range. A great trail to tackle first if you’re new to Red Centre riding, and one that leads on to more intermediate trails.


Distance: 5km
Location: Eastside 

Arrwe, meaning wallaby, is the access point to the Mparntwe / Alice Springs trail network with multiple intermediate trails branching off from the circuit track. It’s an easy and fun ride for all skill levels.

Intermediate MTB Trails in Mparntwe / Alice Springs

Larapinta Trail

Distance: 3km
Location: Eastside

The name of this one probably gives it away – Larapinta Trail is just that, a short section of the iconic 223km hiking trail that traverses from Mparntwe / Alice Springs to Rwetyepme / Mt Sonder across Tjoritja / West Macdonnell Ranges. This is a shared path so keep your eyes sharp and give way to walkers.


Distance: 4.5km
Location: Eastside

Skyline is singletrack with unreal panoramic views across the Yeperenye / East Macdonnell Ranges. There are a few technical challenges thrown in, plus multiple line options to keep it interesting.

Hell Line

Distance: 15km
Location: Westside

Hell Line gets you way out of town and deep into the outback. At 15km, this is the longest mountain bike trail in the area, which means you’ve got to be experienced and prepared to potentially be out there alone. This is a serious extended cross-country ride that crosses up and over Tjoritja / West Macdonnell Ranges.

Take plenty of water!

Advanced MTB Trails in Mparntwe / Alice Springs


Distance: 3.5km
Location: Westside

Westside’s only ‘very difficult’ trail, Bus, is one-way trail that links two other trails via a challenging climb up to an impressive lookout, before a very technical and rocky descent down the other side of the hill.


Distance: 1.2km
Location: Eastside

Unyerre means Thorny devil, and this trail certainly has some spikes to it! This one-way singletrack is super technical and links up the Thunderbox trail and a management trail.

Bob Gnarly

Distance: 1km
Location: Eastside 

Gnarly vistas, gnarly descent, this short but sharp trail is a ripper for those wanting a quick and satisfying one-way ride.


East MacDonnell Ranges | Photo by Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike

Mountain Biking Events in Mparntwe / Alice Springs

Easter in the Alice Mountain Bike Stage Race

Dates: 15 – 18 April 2022

A three-day stage race across both the technical and flowy singletracks of The Red Centre, Easter in the Alice isn’t just for expert riders – so long as you’re reasonably fit and know your way around the handlebars, you’ll be set!

Tourism Central Australia has an unreal deal on offer so you can rest up and recover after the race and make the most of your time in The Red Centre.

The Redback MTB Stage Race

Dates: 18th – 21st August 2022

The Redback is a six-stage mountain bike race across four days that follows Mparntwe / Alice Springs’ network of single tracks around town and across the surrounding ranges. 

Once you arrive in The Red Centre you can rest easy knowing all the tracks are surrounding you and no more travel has to be done! Stay in one hotel, enjoy a beer at the end of every day, and spend some quality time ripping the trails of The Red Centre. 

For all rider’s hitting the single track, Tourism Central Australia has a great rest and recovery package so you can chill out and lap up The Red Centre after the race.

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Where can I hire a Mountain Bike in Mparntwe / Alice Springs?

Keen to tear it up in The Red Centre but don’t want to haul your bike all the way there? No stress! Here are a few places you can hire a bike during your stay. 

Red Centre Adventures / Outback Cycling Alice Springs

For all your E-bike needs ya gotta get around Red Centre Adventures. A bunch of their E-bikes come from Stealth, the one and only E-bike manufacturer in Australia. Riding Australian made in the heart of Australia is the only way to go! Plus these E-bikes can be taken on the helicopters so you can really get out there!

They’ve also got a fleet of mountain bikes, town commuters, and E-commuters. They offer bike tours and have a coffee shop onsite, so you can pop in and have a yarn about what best suits you.

My Ride Alice Springs

My Ride Alice Springs has an expansive range of bikes – both manual and electric – that’ll serve you well whether you’re just cruising around town or getting out on the trails. 

They also take care of all repairs and servicing.

Outback Cycling Uluṟu

These legends are perfectly positioned to help you see Uluṟu from the comfort of your bike seat.

Hot Tips for Your Biking Trip


If you plan on bringing your own gear, make sure you’re tubeless and always have with you a first aid kit, with a snake bite kit in tow – it is the desert after all! 

Reception around the outskirts of Alice Springs is limited so make sure you’ve got a PLB with you too. It’s pretty remote out here, but that’s why we love it. 

Don’t forget to drop into the Alice Springs Visitor Information Centre to grab yourself a copy of the trail map.


West MacDonnell Ranges | Photo by Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike

Post-Ride Brew

Looking for a spot to sip on a brew after a long day on the trails? Whether you’re after a cup of coffee-goodness or a crispy beer, there are plenty of beaut spots to be found around Alice. 

Alice Springs Brewing Co – grab a pint or a paddle and try all the local brews at once! 

The Goods – right in the centre of town with the best coffee for miles. 

The Trail Station Cafe – situated at the Telegraph Station, this is a convenient spot if you’re a bit further afield and has amazing milkshakes!


Feature photo thanks to Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike

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Feature photo thanks to Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike

Feature photo thanks to Tourism NT/Flow Mountain Bike