Have you heard about the cable car proposed to be built up Hobart’s kunanyi / Mt Wellington? There’s currently an opportunity for the public to have their say on the issue, and we think you should make your voice heard before June 22nd!

What is the kunanyi / Mt Wellington cable car proposal?

Two years ago, Mount Wellington Cableway Company (MWCC) submitted a proposal to build a cable car to the top of kunanyi / Mt Wellington, on the outskirts of Hobart. 

As well as a cable car, the proposal included; 

  • a fine dining restaurant
  • cafe
  • craft beer bar
  • an amphitheatre

to be built on top of the mountain. 

For the last two years, the Hobart City Council has asked MWCC for more comprehensive information regarding Aboriginal heritage sites, bushfire management plans, and traffic, as the original proposal was not up to scratch. 

Two weeks ago, the final pieces of info needed for the full proposal were delivered to the council and the public can now have their say on the proposed cableway. 

The proposed project has divided the Hobart community and many people are very keen to have their opinion on the issue heard.

So, is it a bad idea?

Depends who you ask. 

The proposal has been opposed by the Traditional Custodians, none of whom were consulted by MWCC during the planning stages. 

Nala Mansell from the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre told the ABC, ‘It’s not just about the stones and bones and the archaeological evidence in this case; it’s vital that any type of development that Aboriginal spiritual connections as well as cultural values are understood and investigated.’

The crew at Keep Tassie Wild, a family owned business in nipaluna / Hobart, lutruwita / Tasmania that works to protect Tassie’s wilderness, also strongly oppose the cable car. 

A post on the Keep Tassie Wild Instagram page, outlines multiple reasons why the cable car is a bad idea, including;

  • The cableway goes right over the Organ Pipes
  • It will effectively destroy two mountain bike trails 
  • 91 large habitat trees and two hectares of threatened forest will be cut down within a ‘high priority biodiversity’ listed public reserve
  • The 35 metre tower at the top will interrupt the view of the city below


Who’s for the cable car?

Well, Mt Wellington Cableway Company for one. 

They state that creating the cable car will not only increase the number of visitors to Mt Wellington by 28% but will reduce the number of people that travel by car to the top.

MWCC claims the project will create 280 jobs and inject around $89 million into Tasmania’s economy every year.

So how can I have my say?

The proposal is open to public comment right now until Tuesday 22 June 2021, so there’s only a few weeks for you to have your voice heard. 

The entire proposal is available for you to take a magnifying glass to and really get into the nitty-gritty. 

You can fill out an online form at the City of Hobart website

What do we think?

At We Are Explorers, we’re pretty against the whole idea. Mt Wellington is already accessible by car and is home to not only hiking and mountain biking trails, but protected species. A cable car is unnecessary and will leave a scar on Hobart’s natural backdrop. 

Keep the wilderness wild we say.


Feature image thanks to MWCC