Before he was on Alone Australia, Mike Atkinson was a Modern-Day Castaway.


The man, the myth, the legend, Mike Atkinson, has written a book! No, it’s not about his experience on Alone (those would’ve been some very fast fingers). Modern-Day Castaway is all about his two-month solo adventure sailing the Great Barrier Reef in a dugout canoe he made himself.

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In 2021, Mike set out to follow in the footsteps (or rather sailing route) of James Morrill, a young 19th-century sailor who was embraced by the local First Nations community he met along the way. Mike travelled 1,500km along the northern tip of Australia in his canoe, ‘Salty Kangaroo’, living entirely off the land and sea (and battling it a lot of the time too).


This Guy is Sailing a Dugout Canoe Through The Great Barrier Reef, Mike Atkinson, boat, canoe

Day 52 Mike, dat you?

The book covers Mike’s extraordinary journey along Australia’s tallest tip, as well as the mind-blowing work he did to get his canoe in action beforehand. 

Plus, every single book is signed by Mike himself and comes with a handmade bookmark, crafted from off-cuts of the dugout canoe! Rad.

Modern-Day Castaway is available for preorder right now until 10th of June! Order yours now to get a 10% discount. 

Mike will also be releasing a feature film about his amazing journey, and you can get notified when it’s released.