NSW National Parks really reaaalllyyy want you to chuck a sickie and head out on a mid-week microadventure. And who are you to say no?


From April 21 to September 16 2021 the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service are offering 50% off midweek bookings at selected campgrounds around the state. Just use the promo code MIDWEEK to claim your dollars back.

I think *cough* I’m coming down with a cold boss, *cough* better take a few days off to recover *cough*. 

There are 36 campgrounds where you can claim your savings around the state, from the North Coast to the South Coast, a few spots close to Sydney plus a bunch in country NSW as well.  

If you’re keen on staying somewhere with four solid walls, there are also a bunch of cabins, cottages, homesteads, and even a presbytery where you can rest your head and save 25% off if you stay during the week. 

The list of campgrounds and accommodation is extensive! Here are a few of our favs! 

Check out the full list at the National Parks website, use the MIDWEEK promo code and book in your midweek microadventure now!

Whichever direction you choose to head, a coupla nights in nature can only do you good. Get the heck out there! 


Feature photo by @jonharris_photography