The prayers of climbers around the world have finally been answered with the release of the Louis Vuitton Chalk Nano Bag.

Priced at a very reasonable $1,600 USD, We Are Explorers expects to see the monogrammed delight adorning the harnesses of climbers across the country within weeks.

Designed by American fashion designer, entrepreneur, and DJ, Virgil Abloh, the Chalk Nano Bag is available in brown and white, emblazoned with the famous LV print.

We won’t lie. We breathed a sigh of relief at the news. Climbers can finally access a chalk bag that not only carries chalk, but that also comes decorated with a pretty little chain. It’s every dirtbag’s dream.

Aaaand, when not at the crag, the bag can be worn on the shoulder or across the body to show your climbing style to the world. It even comes with a ‘functional carabiner’, no word yet on its rating.

While this product is possibly not actually intended to be used as a real chalk bag (only time will tell), we reckon it’s going to be a game changer and is just what the industry needs. Just look at it!

For those of you ready to sell your belongings (and souls) to afford it, it’s on sale now exclusively at the Louis Vuitton ION Orchard store in Singapore. You’re welcome.


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