What feelings will you experience when you follow the majestic clifftop trail to Tasmania’s Cape Raoul? Amazement, inspiration and true gratitude are likely, but the only real way to find out is to get up and go…


  • Sheer cliffs
  • Changing Terrain
  • Seals

The Lowdown

What starts as a slight ascent through a scenic eucalypt forest becomes a magnificent cliff walk. The clifftop section of the track to Cape Raoul starts from a vantage point that overlooks the Tasman Sea and the spectacular sheer cliffs that define the Tasman Peninsula and Tasman National Park.

Despite not spotting any, we kept a keen eye out for Lowland Copperheads and Tiger Snakes as we hurried excitedly along the trail enthused for the views to come. We stopped many times on the trail in absolute awe of the size and stature of the cliffs of the Tasman Peninsula (which also made for good photo opportunities).

After a two hour 7km (one way) hike we finally arrived at our destination, and boy did it take our breath away. There before us, Cape Raoul, in all its dolerite glory protruded high out of the Tasman Sea. While feeling lucky for where we were standing, we imagined what an amazing experience it would be to sail around the Capes on a boat or traverse the pillars that were colonised with seals below.

This microadventure is an absolute must if you plan on exploring Tasmania and don’t wish to or don’t have the time to hike the Three Capes Track. The Cape Raoul Trail is a half-day hike but to truly appreciate it and take in all the views it should be approached as a day hike. Totalling 4-5 hours travel time and clocking 14km in the legs you most certainly will not be disappointed.


Let the Cliffs be your Guide // Cape Raoul (TAS) Dan Parkes, cliffs, ocean, bush, sunshine

Essential Gear

  • Minimum 5L water in summer and 3L in winter
  • Food and snacks
  • Camera (definitely)
  • First Aid Kit (including compression bandages)

How To Get There

From Hobart, head south-east towards Port Arthur where you will need to drive to the end of Stormlea Road (dirt road). Here you will find a small area to park your car. This is the beginning of the trail.


  • Bushwalking
  • Seal Watching
  • Photography

Skill Level

Moderate. Suitable for kids (who can handle 14km walks).

Distance Covered / Duration

14km / 4-5 hours.