Adventure stoke takes many forms. Right now you’re reading an article on an adventure website about the next episode of an adventure podcast in which the guests discuss the power of adventure film. Neat hey?


This week on the We Are Explorers podcast, Henry chats with Leon and Athena Morton, the co-founders of the Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival.



Held for the first time in November last year, this community-based film fest is Aus’ first standalone international adventure film comp. And I’ve gotta say, it was bloody epic. 

Although neither Leon nor Athena had any experience running a film fest before, the pair were inspired by their time at the 5Point Film Fest in Colorado. In fact, it was on the plane home that they made the snap decision to start their own fest back on Aussie shores. 

You can find some of the adventure films from last year’s festival (including our winning film LIMITLESS) at the Port Fairy Adventure Film Festival website.

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Anyway, don’t let me hold you up any longer. Get stuck into it and find out the juicy deets for yourself. 

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