We’ve always loved NSW, but now more than ever is the time to really show it, enter the #LoveNSW movement.

It’s been a hectic summer, and many of our favourite places have been hurt by the ongoing fires and drought. Nature has taken its toll, and on top of that, many areas that rely on the tourism that the summer period brings to survive have been left with very light pockets.

There’s been a heap of initiatives encouraging people to spend local, travel local and give back to the communities and businesses that have suffered this summer, and now Destination NSW has a special message for all Aussies. 

It’s time to love NSW. 

Through their #LoveNSW movement, Destination NSW is encouraging all Aussies, but especially those that call NSW home, to spend some time (and some cash) discovering the beauty and diversity of the state. Sounds good to us!

Part of the campaign is to take photos in iconic NSW locations with your hands in the shape of a heart and to share the pic on social media, with the hashtag #LoveNSW. Much like this….

Buuut we reckon, hitting the road, getting out there and putting a bit of coin back in the pockets of locals is the most important part. You’ll be lending a helping hand either way.

So what are you waiting for? Book that stay-cation now!