KEA Outdoors are back for their second crowdfund, this time the KEA Stash is disrupting the bin world with the best rubbish bag you’ve ever seen.


Every time I see a piece of rubbish while out in the bush, I wish I had a rubbish bag with me. I rarely do, and so the options become ‘stuffing it in my pocket’ or ‘guiltily walking on’. 

Sometimes I do remember a bag, more often when car camping, but the lack of bins at many campsites means I risk a bin juice spill the whole way home.

So I was pretty stoked to see the KEA Stash come to Kickstarter.


KEA Outdoors, that sounds familiar?

Matt Butler started KEA Outdoors (named after our favourite NZ alpine parrot) in 2020 when Covid decimated his fly fishing guiding business. His goal? To design products to tackle problems he regularly encountered in the backcountry.

He kicked things off with the KEA KIT, a modular survival and first aid system designed to cater to any adventure. The thing raised $300k on Kickstarter and our reviewer Kel loved the compact design and ability to cater to a wide range of survival situations.


Kea Kit Ultimate Outdoor Survival System - Review, by Kel Sanson

The KEA KIT included pretty much everything you’d need to survive out there


The KEA Stash follows the same principle, creating a product where a good one doesn’t exist. In Matt’s words, ‘trash isn’t the sexiest subject’.

The Bin Bag to End All Bin Bags

The KEA Stash is kind of like a dry bag crossed with a zip lock bag. You’ve got a 100% leakproof inner liner with a thick zip-seal and an outer that allows you to roll the bag up and crush your rubbish. Matt reckons that getting rid of the bulk is just as important as stopping leaks, and the Stash features straps to keep it that way. The straps and aluminium hooks also let you hang the bag at camp!


Kea Stash rubbish bag kickstarter, coffee grounds

Make light work of leave no trace (or cleaning up the trace of others)


You’ve probably wondered already if the bag can be used for anything else. Matt’s answer? Definitely. From carrying food to water (in an emergency) to packing out your poo, the KEA Stash is designed to do everything a dry bag can do, just better.

The Stash is being launched in two sizes, the 6L GO is aimed at hiking and self-supported trips, while the 20L XL is designed for car camping trips where you’ll have more space (and rubbish!).

Support the Kickstarter

The KEA Stash has raised $85k already on Kickstarter, smashing its $8,098 goal. With 11 days left of the crowdfunding campaign there’s still time to grab one for yourself!

Best of all, KEA supports the Kea Conservation Trust, helping them on their mission to protect the beautiful bird from which they take their name.

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Kea Stash rubbish bag kickstarter-4

Crush it, seal it, stash it, bop it!