Got some old Kathmandu gear you don’t know what to do with? When you go in store to buy a replacement, you may be able to recycle the old gear at the same time.


Kathmandu has teamed up with Upparel – the most trusted textile recycling company in Australia and New Zealand – to bring designated gear recycling bins to 24 Kathmandu stores across Melbourne. 

As a B Corp, Kathmandu is on a mission to do business better for the planet, including making their business model more circular – that means less waste and more recycling and upcycling of materials.

With the support of Upparel, Kathmandu will be helping divert textile waste from landfill as well as extending the lifetime of its products. 

So if you’ve got old or faulty Kathmandu gear that you’re no longer able to use, drop it off at one of the recycling bins and the good folks at Upparel and Kathmandu will make sure it’s reused or repurposed and doesn’t end up in landfill. How bloody good!



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What kind of gear can I recycle?

Not everything can be recycled at the moment, but most textiles are a goer! 

  • Clothing items
  • Hats
  • Socks
  • Shoes

Which Kathmandu stores have the recycling bins?

The Upparel recycling bins can be found at 24 Kathmandu stores across Melbourne, including;

What happens to the gear once I’ve dropped it in the bin?

The team from Upparel will come by and collect the old gear and deliver it to the Upparel facility in Melbourne. 

From there, each individual item will be sorted, and based on its condition, will either be reused, or recycled. 

Reuse literally means the item will be worn again. These items will be sent out to Upparel’s charity partners across the country to be given a second run at life. 

If the gear isn’t fit to wear and is nearing the winter of its life, it’ll be recycled instead. The textiles are shredded to make fibre to be made into new material or new products, like the cushioning in furniture and pillows. 


Feature photo by @aidanmh