A new iron ore mine is scheduled to arrive on the fringe of Western Australia’s Karijini National Park before the end of the year. Despite being approved through all the appropriate channels, concerns about the destruction of sacred property have prompted a petition to oppose it.


In an effort to protect sacred sites and natural beauty of Karijini National Park, the Wintawari Guruma Aboriginal Corporation is seeking public support for their ‘Save Karijini’ petition against Equinox Resources’ Hamersley Iron Ore Project.

While Equionox Resources’ have secured a mining lease and a Native Title Agreement for the works, with drilling due to commence before the end of 2023.

If the petition is successful, there may be a chance to stop the works from proceeding, but time is running out.


The debate: should this be preserved or mined for resources?

Does Karijini National Park need saving?

Two hundred thousand people visit Karijini National Park every year to enjoy its natural beauty, breathtaking landscapes and cultural significance.

The Wintawari Guruma Aboriginal Corporation wants to preserve the land for future generations.

‘Our sacred country enchants travellers with unspoiled landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It invites people on a journey through time where the ancient traditions of our people meet the curiosity of visitors from around the world.’


‘This area is a vital source of ground and surface water that nourishes Hamersley Gorge’ – ‘Save Karijini’ campaign

What does Equinox Resources have to say?

The company behind the drilling project has stated that it will be following ‘responsible development pathways and practices’. They have complied with government regulations aimed at minimising the impact on the environment.

So far no material risks to fauna species and habitats have been identified, and further studies are planned in 2024. The drilling proposed for 2023 will mainly use existing drilling pads and tracks, which have already been disturbed by drilling that occurred in mid-2021.

Where’s the proposed site of the mine?

The mine will be located near Hamersley Gorge, by the north-west edge of Karijini National Park, in the heart of the Pilbara region.

The organisers of the ‘Save Karijini’ Petition want to preserve the natural beauty of an area that’s over two and a half billion years old. The site represents shared heritage and is sacred to the Muntulgura Guruma people.


This is a battle we’ve seen multiple times in Australia: conservation versus corporate interest. It comes after a run of approved coal mines and the Juukan Gorge controversy.

If you agree with the Wintawari Guruma Aboriginal Corporation your can add your name to their ‘Save Karijini’ petition here.


Photos thanks to the ‘Save Karijini’ campaign

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