Tasmania’s rapidly becoming a world-class mountain biking destination and Into The Wild allows punters to make the most of their holiday.


Growing up, Rohan Sheehan used to ride motorbikes in the Aussie bush, after saving up for his first one aged just 13. But it was working in an office in Denmark years later where he first discovered cycling.

Back in Tassie, Rohan borrowed his brother’s old Specialized hard tail and suddenly he was a kid again. ‘That spirit of adventure I first found in the bush as a 13-year-old got its second incarnation as all these areas opened up to me,’ he says.

Since then he’s been spending as much time as he can hitting the trails.

‘Riding is when I’m at my happiest and most content. It’s my way to meditate, zone out, and re-charge. To be able to do that in the bush makes it so much better,’ he says.

Where Are The Best Trails?

‘People often ask me what my favourite trail is. That’s like asking people what their favourite music or food is – it all depends on the mood and, because it’s Tasmania, the weather.’

Rohan does have a few favourites though. The whole 42km Bay of Fires trail (not just the first 13km). Apparently there’s not as much uphill as people say! Then there’s St Helens where you’ll be torn between shredding and taking in the view, or even Kingswall, Flicky Sticks and Kumma Gutza at Derby.

There’s also the new tracks in Queenstown on Tassie’s West Coast that only opened in July 2021. Rohan’s had a chance to ride a bunch of them and they’re proper backcountry trails with panoramic views and more vertical than Thredbo. Sounds hectic.

Rohan Sheehan, Into The Wild. Photo Kelly Slater

Rohan’s a passionate rider himself

So Why Book A Tour?

If you’re anything like me, a lot of the chat above might sound like gibberish. I’m a keen mountain biker, but without doing the research into routes (and logistics) it’s hard to know what’s best when I’m not a local.

That’s why Rohan started Into The Wild, to make enjoying Tassie’s trails as easy as possible. With options from One Day Warrior to immersive six day Fly & Ride tours, there’s something for everyone. They also help you get the most out of a week, with airport transfers, food, and accom all handled by Rohan and his wife Dianne (who’s also behind all the marketing).

Dianne & Rohan Sheehan, Into The Wild. Photo Kelly Slater

Rohan and Dianne with their snazzy shuttle van

Get Down There!

At the moment Into The Wild is taking school groups on camps and helping shuttle locals around. In fact, Rohan tells me they recently helped run a girls ride day with 115 local female riders. How good!

But with restrictions starting to ease and vaccination rates peaking, he’s expecting a significant increase in bookings over the next few months. It’s gonna be a mountain bike summer.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta go oil my chain.


Head to Into The Wild’s website to see the types of trips available and book yourself in for some twisty fun!