What do camping, glad wrap, and merino wool have in common? They all play a lead role in icebreaker’s latest campaign about the uncomfortable truth of plastic in our clothing. 


Earlier this year, icebreaker launched a whole collection of new and updated heritage items, including the Tech Lite II Tee and Quantum Hood III Mid Layer, as 100% merino and plant-based – that’s right, not a stitch of plastic between ‘em. 

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And now, their latest campaign pokes a stick at those of us who still get outside with plastic wrapped around our bodies, using the iconic character of ‘Plastic Man’. 



The campaign urges Explorers to think about the effect our clothing choices may have on our experiences outdoors and how it may be detrimental to the environment.

You can’t deny, thoese folks look pretty damn comfy in them tees!



icebreaker’s latest Transparency Report revealed that 91% of the brand’s total fibre consumption in 2021 was merino or plant-based, and 65% more styles were being made from 100% merino or plant-based materials – those are pretty good odds!

Something to mull over next time you’re heading out into the wilds.

We know it’s tricky to get away without any plastic in your gear (hello rain jackets!) but we reckon reducing it wherever possible is a step in the right direction.

Photos thanks to icebreaker