One of camping’s toughest battles now has an ingenious solution…


Picture this – you’re camping with your mates, all huddled around the campfire, cracking jokes and having a giggle. Someone busts open a packet of marshmallows. You immediately jump up to find the perfect stick. Long and thin, but sturdy.

You slide the fluffy white marshmallow onto the tip of your stick and hold it, ever so gently, above the flames. You look away for one, two, three seconds and poof! Your marshmallow is now a gooey ball of fire. You pull the stick out of the campfire and desperately blow out the flames. But all that’s left is a black, cracked shell of a marshmallow that once was. Your marshmallow, night and entire camping trip up in flames.  

The people at Gyroaster have seen this series of unfortunate events happen one too many times. So they did something about it. 

Say goodbye to charcoal marshmallows and hello to the Gyroaster 2 Axis Rotating Marshmallow Toasting and Roasting Tool



This baby has two metal prongs to hold your marshmallow securely in place, lest it drop directly into the coals. At the other end of this stainless steel stick are two wooden handles. One for your hand to rest on (don’t touch the metal directly, trust me on this one) and another with which to rotate the gears down the marshmallow end. 

The gears cause the prongs (and thus, your fluffy marshmallow) to rotate over the flames, allowing for a complete 360 degree surface area coverage, imperative to a perfectly toasted marshmallow. 

Don’t believe me? Watch this bad boy in action. You’ll be screaming ‘TAKE MY MONEY’ at the screen in about 45 seconds.