Four winners will go on an epic fully-supported 7 day Australian East Coast trekking adventure, thanks to beer brand James Squire. The hikers will be recreating key parts of a 700km journey undertaken by the shipwrecked sailors of the Sydney Cove, way back in 1797!

The Sydney Cove is Australia’s oldest merchant shipwreck. It wrecked off Preservation Island in the east of Bass Strait in February 1797. To get help, 17 men set out in a longboat, bound for Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

But they wrecked again, this time at the northern end of Ninety Mile Beach on the Victorian coast, leading to a 700km ordeal that only three of the men survived.

Last year, Australian beer brand James Squire worked with marine archaeologists, the Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery and the Australian Wine Research Institute to create the world’s oldest beer – the historic yeast was turned into a tasty limited brew called ‘The Wreck Preservation Ale’.

Now James Squire is back for round two with ‘The Wreck Survivors’ Ale’. The beer is actually an Imperial Porter, partly aged in rum barrels, and it commemorates the harrowing journey that the sailors undertook to reach Sydney. Is it wrong that we’re salivating?

The Great Australian Survivors’ Trek

What could be more We Are Explorers than going and exploring the coast for yourself? Better sign up to this then: James Squire are offering the chance to be selected for the Great Australian Survivors’ Trek.

The winners will go on a unique 7-day East Coast guided trekking adventure, with flights, accommodation, gear and food included. We reckon there might be a few James Squires going ’round at the campfire too. Entries close on the 12th of July, so apply now!


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Feature photo by Aidan Howes