If you haven’t heard of the Walk Victoria’s Icons initiative, you’re probably not alone. Currently, they’re beavering away on the Grampians Peaks Trail – and it’s due to open this year.

Quick Overview

The Grampians Peaks trail is a 160 km hike located in the Grampians National Park in Victoria. The complete hike takes around 13 days to complete, though visitors can choose to do smaller sections of it if they want.


The folks from Parks Vic are responsible and it’s pretty bloomin’ exciting for fans of multi-day hikes. In addition to the Great Ocean Walk and the Falls to Hotham Alpine Crossing will be the Grampians Peaks Trail.

The entire 160 glorious kilometres of it are on track for completion by this year and the route looks pretty magic. Running the entire length of the Grampians National Park, hikers will be able to tackle the route in shorter, accessible sections. Or embark on the full 13-day epic if you’re real keen!

While some sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail can be hooked into for the day and are accessible to walkers of varying fitness and skill; other sections are not going to be so easy!

The route summits and traverses several mountains along the way, affording far-reaching views, and plenty of challenge. I’m personally frothing on the idea of taking on Mt Difficult – if there’s a better-named mountain out there, I’d love to hear it!

When Can I Start Hiking?

It’s expected to be finished in Autumn 2021.

There’s great news for overnight hikers that can’t wait for the whole trail to be completed, Stage One of the Grampians Peaks Trail is already up and running. Weighing in at just over 36km, this section is a closed-loop, starting and finishing at Halls Gap.

The route hits up Mt Rosea, Pinnacle Lookout, and the Grand Canyon, and will give hikers more than a taste of what’s to come.

In addition to crafting a new hiking experience, Parks Vic wants to showcase the Grampian’s rich historical and cultural significance.

‘Parks Victoria, in partnership with Traditional Owners from Gariwerd, have sought interest from Gariwerd Traditional Owners in new ranger positions dedicated to the Grampians Peaks Trail.

International and domestic visitors will learn about local Aboriginal cultures as Traditional Owners share stories on traditional cultural practices and their connection with Gariwerd.

Once appointed, the rangers will embark on an intensive six-month training program.

The Grampians National Park has more than 80% of Victoria’s rock art sites and the largest number in southern Australia. The opportunity to discover and learn more about the sites and Gariwerd culture will provide visitors with a memorable and immersive experience like no other.’ –  Parks Victoria

With more sections of the trail set to open in Spring, you’ll want to stay in the loop. To find out more about this great addition to the Victorian hiking scene, check out the Visit Grampians website.