Calling all avid endurance athletes! Between the 23rd and the 26th of November, a world-class 100 miler trail race, the Grampians Peaks Trail 100 Miler, will make its debut in one of the Australia’s most renowned national parks – Gariwerd / Grampians National Park.


This November, the inaugural GPT 100 Miler, presented by HOKA, will take place in Victoria’s Gariwerd / Grampians National Park, just three hour’s drive from Melbourne.

Those crazy enough to conquer the 100 mile (or 158.3km) race can either run solo or relay in teams. Both male and female winners of the GPT100 Miler will win $2500 each. For those keen, but not crazy, there’ll also be a 50km race option on the first day.

What’s the course like?

With over 7,500 metres of climbing, the 158.3km track is split up into four segments.

The trail starts in the north at Mt Zero Picnic Area and heads to Halls Gap, the longest but fastest leg at 50km. There are numerous waterfalls through here, with continual 360° views of the entire Grampians grandeur, which is a common theme throughout the whole run.

The second section is considered the most tricky, steering runners to Mount William with technical and climbing sections especially up to and across Redman Bluff.

The third section guides runners through to Griffin Fireline, a net downhill with many short punchy climbs, rock hopping, choppy climbs, and flowy fast downs.

The last and final section traverses the southern Grampians, with steep ascents and stairs to well-known peaks – Mount Abrupt and Sturgeon summit – and a river trail into the township of Dunkeld to mark the end of the adventure!

The Important Bits – GPT 100 Miler

  • Dates: 23rd-26th November 2023
  • Start: 12pm Friday, Mt Zero
  • Time limit: 53 hours total
  • Cut off: 5pm Sunday, Dunkeld
  • Cost for registration: Starts at $700 for standard entry
  • Registration cutoff: Closes 30th of September 2023
  • Prize Money: $2500 for the female and male winner of the inaugural GPT100 Miler

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Showcasing the Grampians Region

Small towns and villages dotted around the Grampians National Park are expected to be a hive of excitement and activity as trail runners and supporters flock to participate and support their loved ones.

CEO of Grampians Tourism, Marc Sleeman, expressed his anticipation for the event.

‘This event showcases our region’s breathtaking natural beauty and embraces the spirit of adventure that many travellers come to find.’

To prevent the spread of harmful fungus throughout Grampians National Park, mandatory shoe wash stations will be present for all runners and crew who will be accessing any part of the GPT trail or the national park.

Part of the Grampians’ beauty is its remote wilderness. Because of this, mandatory gear must be taken, and is listed in detail on the GPT100 miler website.