We’ve already covered gifts for campers, hikers, and climbers – but why stop there? We’re on a roll and next up is gifts for runners.


You need a lot less to be a runner than a camper or climber, but don’t tell the running community that because the ones I know love to talk about all kinds of gear. 

Runners talk about things like stack height, lugs, midsoles, and split times, and they probably do it during a foam roll.

But, if the runner you know already has a foam roller (the answer is probably yes) then here are a few other gift ideas to stop you from having to run to the shops on Christmas Eve.


The Bouddi Coastal Run Is An Epic Trail Running Race on the Central Coast, photo by Outer Image Collective, bouddi national park, central coast, nsw, trail running, coast

You could even give the gift of a competitive trail run? The Bouddi Coastal Run is happening on Saturday 5th February 2022 | Photo by Outer Image Collective

1. Salomon Ultra-Glide Trail Running Shoes

What better place to start than shoes? We reviewed these Ultra-Glide trail shoes from Salomon when they were first released earlier this year and we’re big fans. 

These shoes ate mixed terrain for breakfast. Being one of Salomon’s most cushioned trail runners, they seemed to bridge a gap between a technical trail shoe and traditional road shoe and are a great introductory trail shoe given their softness — but don’t think they skimp on performance because of it.

I wrote this at the time and think it’s why they’d make a great gift for the runner in your life.

‘As someone not always inclined to drive somewhere to go for a run, I relished the fact I could slip these on and easily run 3-4 kilometres along sealed roads to the start of the actual trail and back again, after the real fun, without any worries.’ – Read Full Review


Salomon Ultra-Glide Trail Shoe - Review, Trail Running

The ‘Ultra Ride’ midsole and outsole on these shoes have an aggressive rocker for a trail shoe, which is why they feel so smooth on the road and are arguably built more for milder trails than really technically difficult and demanding terrain. That said, they remain a jack-of-all-trails kind of shoe.


Shop Men’s Ultra-Glide Trail Shoe

Shop Women’s Ultra-Glide Trail Shoe

2. Salomon Sonic 4 Balance Road Running Shoes

The Salomon Sonic 4 Balance Shoe borrows a lot of the cushion innovation from the Ultra-Glide’s and optimises them for a road fit and feel.

It uses Salomon’s Optivibe™ cushioning to dampen vibrations which keep your feet feeling comfortable for longer.

The fourth iteration of this popular shoe, it’s now made with a softer exterior mesh and inner construction making it even more comfortable.



Shop Women’s Sonic 4 Road Shoe

Shop Men’s Sonic 4 Road Shoe

3. Knog Bandicoot Silicone Headlamp

Is sunset raining on your trail running friends parade? As someone who has, in no uncertain terms, hit the deck while running in the dark, I can vouch for the gratitude you’ll receive by gifting something like this Knog Lightweight Headlamp


10 Gifts For Runners – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


While the idea of running with a traditional bulky, brick-shaped head torch is understandably a little grim, Knog’s silicone headlamps are considerably more streamlined.

We reviewed Knog’s headlamps in the past, and while they’re not the most powerful — see the Knog Bandicoot 250 Lumen or Knog Bilby 400 Lumen option — we think its size and weight make it the perfect fit for the trail or dimly lit road.


5 Adventures To Make Life Unboring, knog, photo by guy williment, empress canyon, blue mountains, nsw, bilby headlamp, trail running

Photo thanks to Knog


Shop Knog Silicone Headlamp

4. Altra Trail Running Gaiter

Not the most glamorous gift but damn are they practical. Gaiters aren’t just for hiking folks.

The Altra Trail Running Gaiter is designed to work in harmony with your shoes and socks to keep out any trail debris that would otherwise interrupt your flow.

The strapless design works on any trail shoe and even enables you to change your shoes and socks without ever removing the gaiter. 


10 Gifts For Runners – Christmas Gear Guide 2021

Shop Altra Trail Gaiter

5. The North Face Flight Ball Unisex Cap

I bought myself one of these this year and have run it all over the place.

​​While not the cheapest running hat on the market, the Flight Ball Running Cap comes with a secret weapon — an ice stash compartment tucked within the top to help cool down your dome.


10 Gifts For Runners – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


Simply pack the compartment full of ice cubes before, or during your run, and keep a cool head as it slowly melts.

I did a half mara around my house and jammed that thing full of ice halfway through. One word: Game-changer. Or, maybe it’s two words? But the point stands! It’ll stay cool for over 10km and you’ll wonder how you ever ran without it.


Salomon Ultra-Glide Trail Shoe – Review

Yours truly running with the Flight Ball Cap. You better believe I have a cool head!


Shop North Face Running Cap

6. Salomon Sense Pro 10 Hydration Vest

The Salomon Sense Pro 10 is their most advanced hydration vest, designed with ultra-comfort and ultra-distance in mind.

With a carrying capacity of 10 litres, this one is for longer runs, off the beaten path, where carrying things like extra layers, gels and bars, and of course water, is a must.

If you don’t expect they’ll need so much carrying capacity, then the Sense Pro 5 is more minimalist as a five litre pack and another excellent option that prioritises comfort and performance.


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7. Garmin Forerunner 945 Running Watch

One of the best (physical) gifts I’ve ever received was a GPS watch. 

Garmin and Suunto make versions to suit all activities and while the ones with all the bells and whistles tend to come with an RRP approaching four digits, you’d be well advised to not buy one at full price as they tend to get heavily marked down (sometimes upwards of 50% off). 

Speaking of which, the Garmin Fenix 6X for example has an RRP of $1399 but you can pick one up for $699 at Wild Earth.

The Garmin Forerunner 945, as the name suggests, is ideal for runners. GPS tracks your runs, split times, heart rate, cadence, stride length — you name it! They can even play music or a podcast while you steadily put one foot in front of the other. 


10 Gifts For Runners – Christmas Gear Guide 2021


Shop Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch 

8. Flow Mini Handheld Massage Gun

What does a runner want when they’re not running? 

The answer is something to help them go running again as soon as possible. 

Massage guns have become that thing this year.

10 Gifts For Runners – Christmas Gear Guide 2021

If you live with a runner and are sick of them moaning about sore muscles, this could be the answer!


Shop Massage Gunt

9. Patagonia Strider Pro Men’s Running Shorts

Patagonia’s most technical running shorts.

These shorts are smooth and ultralight with fast-drying, 100% recycled polyester stretchy ripstop fabric and a DWR (durable water repellent) finish.

Oftentimes missing in a run short, the Patagonia Strider’s also have four pockets and a secure zip pocket.


Shop Patagonia Running Shorts

10. Patagonia Nine Trails Womens Running Shorts

These women’s Patagonia Trail Shorts come with the same craftsmanship as the above pair but with a women’s fit and some adaptations like a side vent and back zipper pocket.

Also made from recycled materials with all the technical finishings you’d expect from Patagonia, these shorts won’t look out of place walking down the street either.

Bonus Gift: Shoe Repair Glue — SHOE GOO

Normally when you say you’ve got some goo on your shoe, it’s not a good thing.

But, that’s not the case with our next gift… SHOE GOO!

When they’re not quite ready to trade in their trail or road runners for a brand new pair — shoe goo should be their go-too. 

The number one shoe glue and shoe repair adhesive. You can use it to fix worn soles or heels, it’s abrasion resistant and designed to stick to all the kinds of materials modern day running shoes are made of — much better than super glue.


10 Gifts For Runners – Christmas Gear Guide 2021



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