Construction has started for a new 39km multi-day walk from the Mount Jerusalem National Park to Minyon Falls in Northern NSW, and it’s going to be gorgeous.


Known as the Gidjuum Gilganyi Walk, the new track involves upgrading 28.4km of existing trails, adding 10.8km yet to be constructed, along with three new remote, walk-in camps. The facilities will be basic and include tent platforms, shelters, and toilets and are designed to accommodate a sustainable number of low-impact walkers.


Map thanks to NPWS


There’ll also be additional shorter walks added to the trail, making the area accessible to a diverse range of walkers.

The Widjabul Wia-bal Native Title holders and the Tweed Byron Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) were consulted to decide on the name of the track – Gidjuum Gulganyi. It means ‘Old People’s Track’, recognising the ancient traditional lands of the Bundjalung Nation that the trail passes through.

Designed for minimal impact, the walk has used existing trails and disused logging tracks, allowing the natural elements to determine the route, and reducing the need for further disturbance of the bushland.

The walk is expected to be open in mid-2024 and will deliver a world-class bushwalking experience. As NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Senior Project Officer Daryl Moncrieff explains:

‘The hinterland of the Northern Rivers is one of the most biologically diverse parts of Australia, protecting some of the last remaining refuges of the ancient Gondwanan rainforests.’

It’s hoped this trail will help foster advocacy for environmental conservation and sustainability.

‘Our national parks play a critical role in encouraging locals and visitors alike to value and protect the hinterland environment, and the rare and threatened species that call the area home,’ Mr Moncrieff said.

It’s expected that the Gidjuum Gulganyi Walk will also strengthen the appeal of the Northern Rivers region as a walking destination.

So get ready folks, it’s time to get out in nature and explore the Mount Jerusalem National Park, Whian Whian State Conservation Area, and Nightcap National Park.


All photos thanks to J Spencer