Fresh Eyre: A week on the Eyre Peninsula (SA)

You can’t go wrong with a spontaneous trip down to the Eyre Peninsula.


  • vast wide open, untouched Australian landscapes
  • delicious crystal clear night skies, no light pollution yew!
  • plenty of untouched beaches to walk on and cliffs to lookout from.


Elliston is situated on the Eyre Peninsula, 700km West of Adelaide. It is without a doubt home to some of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve had the privilege to lay eyes upon, not to mention some of the gnarliest surf breaks I’ve seen (and for the sake of keeping them secret and protected from over-crowding their locations won’t be disclosed).

The vastness of the landscape definitely adds to the uniqueness of the area, it’s a very raw and humbling feeling standing atop of a rugged cliff face, looking out over the Great Australian Bite as it extends out over the horizon with nothing in your way until Antartica, knowing that for millions of years, some of the strongest storms have battered this coastline over and over again, yet here it still stands tall.

Exams had finished and Uni holidays had just kicked off – the fellas and I were absolutely stinging for a getaway after being cooped up indoors with our faces buried in textbooks and a semester’s worth of caffeine infected study notes. Swags, surfboards, snags were packed up into the 4WD and we were off! Staring at a weeks worth of surfing, 4WD across dunes and sleeping under the stars.

My recommendation for a trip – plan where you want to see, and what you want to do. It’s fairly remote, and phone service is limited. So grab a map and sit down with your crew and mull over the sights to see up there as distances to some spots can be lengthy at times. Definitely the place you want to go to for a unwind from the city hustle and grind.Cost: Fuel, lots of it (700km+ west of Adelaide)

If you’re a keen Microadventurer and photographer who would like to become an official explorer for We are Explorers, then check this out.

Essential Gear

  • Swag/tent etc. (there are rental houses available)
  • Camera
  • Warm clothes (definitely in winter, it’s chilly)
  • GPS & map (this will help you tick off the places you have on your list and keep you from getting lost)
  • Fuel, lots of it (700km+ west of Adelaide)
  • Food & Water supplies to keep you going for a week of camping.

How to get there

It’s pretty far from everywhere, which is why it’s so awesome; e.g 4 hours from Port Augusta. Here’s Elliston on Google Maps.


  • Photography
  • Surfing & Swimming (if you’re not scared of sharks)
  • Shark cage diving
  • Camping
  • Fishing
  • Kangaroo watching

Skill Level

Beginner (unless of course you’re considering 4WD through sand dunes, then this isn’t recommended if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing, you’ll get bogged and you’re a long way from help!)