The NSW Snowy Mountains and Victoria’s Mt Hotham have both recorded their first snowfall of the season. And boy was it a doozy. 


It seems the snow season is starting early this year, with the good stuff already falling in NSW and Victoria’s alpine regions, and another 10-30cm dumping expected over the weekend. Phwoooar! 

Weather warnings of a massive cold front sweeping across the south-east of the country this weekend, are predicted to bring damaging wind, rain and freezing temps. 

NSW SES Alpine Search and Rescue are urging people to stay indoors (what’s new?) as ‘blizzard-like conditions’ are expected for much of NSW’s alpine region in the coming days. 

For Victoria, it’s been the coldest start to May in five decades, yikes. 

We’re still unsure if Mother Nature is trying to tease us with all of that fresh pow-pow, or if she’s just really trying to stop us from going outside? 

Time to rug up in your best puffer jacket and pretend you’re making snow angels. Lucky you just washed it, right?


Feature photo by @katealiice