Harry Fisher’s newly released cookbook ‘Fire to Fork’ is packed with delicious camp cooking recipes that’ll have everyone at the campground drooling.


One of the best things about setting up camp in one locaysh for multiple days is being able to reaaaaallly dive into camp cooking. 

There’s no dehydrated meals and trail mix making up the menu like on a multi-day hike. Instead you’ve got time, resources, and space to set up a proper camp kitchen, get that fire roaring, and whip up some truly tasty grub. 

But sometimes the new outdoor setting can throw even the best of kitchen cooks. That’s where Harry Fisher’s cookbook, Fire to Fork, comes in. 



Not a professional chef, just a guy who loves camping, fresh ingredients, and delicious food, Harry Fisher has fast become a leading authority on all things camp cooking. 

His YouTube channel and Insta account have exploded in recent years, and now you can get your greasy mitts on his cookbook, Fire to Fork, which has been four years in the making. 

With 60 of his own recipes to devour inside, plus tips on how to properly cook over a campfire, this cookbook is about to become your new camp kitchen bible. 

We’re trying the chilli mud crab first, hommmg

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