feel new south wales

New South Wales stirs up a whole lotta feelings.

Awe, as we gaze up at a thundering waterfall; freedom, as we cruise dusty outback roads that chase the horizon; connection, as smoke tingles our nostrils on a First Nations tour.

These are just some of the emotions this beautiful and diverse state conjures up.

How will you feel New South Wales?


Choose from one or more of the experiences below and journey around the map to see where they're found.


The 19 Best Waterfalls in NSW

When was the last time you saw something so majestic and beautiful your jaw literally dropped in awe? There’s something about waterfalls that’ll do just that. These are the best ones in NSW.


The 15 Best Natural Wonders To Visit On A NSW Road Trip

Pack your bags and start your engines – from insane rock formations to bioluminescence, and the second widest canyon in the world, we’ve lined up 15 of the best natural wonders to visit on a NSW road trip.


26 Important Aboriginal-Led Tours to Experience in NSW

These tours are a fantastic way to respectfully celebrate, appreciate, and learn more about a culture and history that’s deeply embedded in the land we adventure on today. Make sure you add one to your itinerary.


NSW’s 12 Most Underrated National Parks

The range of national parks in NSW is extraordinary. Don’t just go for the top 10 though, avoid the crowds and unleash your adventurous side exploring these underrated beauties.


Diary of a Wild Swimmer in Sydney

When self-proclaimed mountain lover Brooke was told she couldn’t hike for a while, living in Sydney, she thought she’d have no choice but to say goodbye to her adventure fix. But then she set herself the challenge to wild swim every day for a month. Here’s what she discovered.


How Hiking Made Me Love NSW Even More

After setting her sights on adventures closer to home and completing coastal, alpine, and rainforest hikes, Wendy discovered a deep affection for her home state of NSW. Now she thinks you should go for a big walk in your own backyard too.


The Freedom of Road Tripping Without A Plan

Itineraries are overrated, maps are a luxury and the only weather report you need is sticking your head out the window. Let go of expectations and pack your sense of adventure instead – experience the freedom of a NSW road trip.


Kind Strangers Are What Make a Trip Truly Unforgettable

While touring Outback NSW, Iesha found that it wasn’t just the landscapes, but the people, who made her trip truly memorable. Old artists, helpful welders, and chatty locals at the cafe feature in this tale of happy accidents.