Last year Beau Miles released a book – The Backyard Adventurer – and it hit a chord with enough people across the country that it’s now in the final round of Booktopia’s Favourite Australian Book award. 


That’s right, Beau Miles is FAB

The final round is put down to a public vote, and pretty simply, the book with the most votes, wins. 

The Backyard Adventurer is up against some tough competition, but with the popularity of adventure on the up the last coupla years, we reckon it’s in with a crackin’ chance. Plus, Beau’s pretty much holding a new trampoline for his daughter ransom until he wins, so this is really a ‘Get May a trampoline’ campaign. 

Whether you’ve read the book and loved it or it’s still on your ‘To Read’ list, chuck Beau a bone and cast your vote. You could win yourself one of five $100 Booktopia vouchers just for voting and make one kid (and her dad) pretty damn stoked. 

It takes about 20 seconds to vote and the polls close January 31st so do it now now now!

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