It’s time to make camping with the family a little less stressful and a little more luxurious… and spacious.


Chris from Wild Earth spoke to the gear experts in store and scoured the reviews online to find you the top five family tents on Wild Earth that will fit more than five people (with ease). 

These family tents have everything from separate rooms, easy inflatable assembly, stargazing options, and even standing height for a six-foot adult.


1. Dometic Daydream Inflatable 6-Person Tent

   Family Tents, family camping

Dometic has been revolutionising the family tent for years and the Daydream 6 Air Inflatable 6-Person Tent is no different. Yes, I did say inflatable tent.

We Are Explorers has previously reviewed the Dometic Hayman 4 Air Inflatable Tent and according to reviewer Brody, ‘the inflatable tent was an absolute breeze (pun a little bit intended). Like most people, we didn’t mess around and read the instructions. We just tore it out of the bag and went by feel!’.



With the Daydream 6, instead of using the regular tent poles for the main structure of the tent, Dometic has incorporated inflatable tube-like sections that make up the structural beams.

The entire tent is made with Weathershield 68D fabric to help keep any rain or dew on the outside rather than the inside.

Now, before you start stressing about how you’re actually going to pump this tent up, Dometic includes a hand pump with every inflatable tent and, after testing it personally, the Daydream 6 only takes about ten minutes to pump up by hand.

Even better, at Wild Earth we’re offering a FREE (!) Dometic 12v electric pump with a wide range of Dometic Inflatable Tents for a limited time.

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2. Oztent RX 5-Person Tent

Family Tents, family camping

Have you ever thought how nice it would be to pack a cabin into the back of your car and set it up anywhere you like? Well, now you can with this massive Oztent RX-5 5+ person tent.

Tall enough for a six-foot person to stand up straight inside, and enough floor space to set up a family suite worth of beds, you’ll not be short on space.

For a full-height, two-room tent, the RX-5 only takes around one minute to set up, for fast and easy camping.

The whole tent plus the built-in living room is made with ultra-durable ModCan™ 300D Ripstop Polyester Material so the wild animals (read: kids) would be hard-pressed to break it.

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3. Oztrail Bungalow 9-Person Tent

Family Tents, family camping

When people say ‘Bang for your buck!’, they’re talking about the Oztrail Bungalow 9 Dome Tent.

It’s all in the name really, this seemingly small dome tent packs down to a tiny 71cm x 33cm x 33cm bag but has the capacity of a literal bungalow, being able to comfortably sleep nine people.

Don’t need that much room? You can easily make Bungalow 9 into a two-bedroom apartment with a living room in between the two sleeping quarters. Set up a table and chairs with some cards or a board game and you’re all set for rain or shine.

The heavy-duty PE floor means it can handle almost anything you throw at it and the UVTex 2000 fly keeps you protected from the rain and sun.

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4. Black Wolf Classic Dome 6-Person Tent


Family Tents, family camping

If you’re after something a little more compact than a bungalow (no matter how small it packs down) the Black Wolf Classic Dome 6+ is a great goldilocks tent that’s just right for many families.

The Classic Dome 6+ is a classic two-part tent, however, where some people see this as a disadvantage, we see it as a massive advantage, especially camping in the Australian weather! When the weather is nice and warm out, you can easily take the fly off the tent, lay in bed and stargaze through the mesh inner roof.

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5. Big Agnes Bunk House 6-Person Tent

Family Tents, family camping

To round out the list we have the Big Agnes Bunk House, essentially a hybrid between a family tent and a hiking tent. Weighing in at less than 9kg you can comfortably sleep up to six adults in this Ferrari of a family tent.

The tent body is made with a breathable polyester, coated polyester and nylon mesh, while the floor and fly are polyester with a 1500mm waterproof polyurethane coating.

The backpack-style carry bag makes the Bunk House easy to transport and just as easy to set up.

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Feature image by @brodyexplores