Full time RV-travellers already know the value of reliable power, but the brand new DELTA 2 Max Portable Battery from EcoFlow isn’t just an accessory for grey nomads, but a reliable way to power up every type of camping trip.


EcoFlow has been around since 2017 and already has a solid reputation around the world for providing accessible and renewable power solutions for the home, outdoors, and on the road. The team is committed to keeping us comfortable and helping to power our adventures. Think of them as the tech equivalent of a protein bar. 

Now if there’s one thing I hate about protein bars, it’s when I’m out hiking, there’s an empty wrapper in my hand, and I’ve got nothing left in the tank. The same goes for portable power. Nothing is worse than looking at a dead battery and knowing you’ve got to wait hours for it to recharge. That’s where EcoFlow has been hard at work.


Introducing, the new DELTA 2 Max portable battery


The brand new DELTA 2 Max Portable Battery is not only super quick to recharge but also offers fast dual and on-the-go charging. More on that later.

This product is so fresh (literally launching today!) EcoFlow needed the help of AI imagery to bring it to life in the bush. And it looks good.


Now you can bring every luxury of home along with you

Why do I need a portable battery?

For a long time, I thought portable batteries were the domain of grey nomads headed on the iconic lap around Australia. Occasionally I’d notice one at a caravan park or beside a trailer at the campground and assume I was camping among the tech-savvy elite.

But I was wrong. The future is here and it looks like convenience.

With a hefty base capacity of 2,048Wh (expandable up to a whopping 6,144Wh with extra batteries), the DELTA 2 Max is ready to power up just about any escapade you can think of.


Riverside power anyone?


Picture this: a portable fridge running for 29 hours, a coffee maker brewing for 1.6 hours, or your phone getting charged up to 143 times! You could power a bush doof, keep the bevvies cold on your next 4WDing trip or juice up your laptop 26 times for when you’re working remotely.

Whether you’re conquering the wild or want to take the party into the backyard sans extension lead, the DELTA 2 Max has got your power needs covered.

Charge at the Speed of Wow

The DELTA 2 Max isn’t just full of adventure-boosting battery juice; it’s fast. Thanks to EcoFlow’s X-Stream technology, this puppy can go from 0 to 100% charge in just 1.3 hours (or 81 minutes!) through AC charging, or a still-really-bloody-quick 2.3 hours charging time using solar.

If you somehow manage to use up every ounce of DELTA juice, you’ve still got options. Where comparable devices take upwards of four hours to have enough in the tank to do anything else, the DELTA 2 Max can be charged up to 80% in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it 43 minutes! Pretty fly for a batter-ry.

That super-quick 80% boost is achieved using AC and solar combined and it gets the job done in UNDER one hour. That’s fast.

If you’re headed into the wilderness for an extended period, you can also consider the addition of an EcoFlow mobile charger for your vehicle. These will be launching soon and will allow you to charge your DELTA 2 Max portable battery while you’re driving.

This removes any lingering worry about running out of power or relying on solar during winter. Provided you’ve got the car handy, you can charge this portable battery (which is rapidly feeling more and more essential, right?) back to full on the drive to your next campsite. The mobile charger boosts charging speeds while keeping your battery protected. Sounds good!


Or double the power with a second battery!

Recharge in Peace

Oh shoot, your phone’s flat and any moment now there’s going to be a fish on the line and a moment worth celebrating. It’s amazing how often we all find ourselves in this situation eh? Don’t stuff around turning on the car and plugging your phone into the car battery driving everyone nuts with the engine noise – the DELTA 2 Max has got you covered, quietly.

Unlike the car, it charges up all the things at a frivolous 30 decibels. That’s the equivalent of a literal whisper, with normal conversation clocking in at around 60 decibels. This makes it super convenient for everyone camping with little ones, chasing that outdoor serenity, or keeping neighbours in the caravan park happy.

Not only is this portable battery lightning quick, but it’s also super easy on the ears. It’s ticking boxes, people.


The DELTA 2 Max definitely falls into the ‘silent achiever’ category

Hit me with the specifics!

This big ‘ole battery is slim, sleek, and comes with a heft of features designed to make our lives easier:

  • Fast dual and on-the-go charging capacity (both AC and solar combined, plus each separately)  
  • Comes with a durable EcoFlow Anderson to cigarette cable for a reliable connection, every time
  • 23kg weight is lighter than comparable 2kWh portable power stations available so you don’t need to be a gym junkie to get this out of the back of the camper
  • Whisper quiet
  • Reliable 3000-cycle lifespan at full capacity (at one full charge a day, that’s ten years of reliable charging before it drops down to 80%)

Plus, the 2400W AC output (Surge 4800W) means this is likely to charge just about any device you can throw at it. On the odd occasion you need more, there’s an X-boost mode so you can creep up to 3100W.

If you’ll be using the DELTA 2 Max waterside (let’s face it, between the river, ocean, lake, and pool, of course you will) you best get your hands on the DELTA 2 waterproof bag as well. Splashing out on an extra accessory so your portable battery stays as comfortable as it’s making you, seems like a good idea.

Out Now!

The DELTA 2 Max is available now on EcoFlow’s website for $2,999. If you want the full package, complete with a 400W Portable Solar Panel, consider the bundle deal of $4,198, and save yourself $300 compared to buying each separately.


Don’t forget the solar panels


Just after extra juice? An additional battery is available for $2,499. Throw in the waterproof bag as well? Add $159.

For the convenience of all the power you’re ever likely to need, housed in one reliable unit, this feels like a good value piece of kit to elevate all future 4WD trips. Visit the EcoFlow website to snag one for your future adventures.

Prefer to touch and feel before you buy? Yeah, me too. Luckily, many major retailers are stocking this beast. To check it out from every angle, drop by your local Anaconda, Bunnings or Harvey Norman.

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