In an effort to make the most out of the 5-9, as opposed to the 9-5, Mike and Bianca set out one sunny evening after work to conquer Grandview Mountain near Wanaka by e-bike!


  • Epic views from the Cromwell Basin through to Makarora and everything in between
  • Fun, but challenging downhill mountain bike
  • Cool off with a lake swim at the end

An E-bike Kind of Evening

Before you scoff at our supposed laziness and continue to scroll for more hard-core adventures, hear me out! I live in Wanaka, where every weekend is met with another means for callused palms, sore legs, and an epic mountain adventure. It’s the in-between that takes its toll on the adventurous souls that call this little mountain town home. So, what’s wrong with capitalizing on the limited time we have mid-week, out of the office?



Picking up two e-bikes from Bike Lounge Wanaka, with the click of the battery and a whir between our knees we were off, at pace, making our way along the track to Grandview Mountain. Typically a hiking track, taking 5-6 hours return, we powered across the flats in no time, before starting the steep ascent along the 4WD track to the summit.

The loose gravel and patchy wet grass were no match for our e-powered steeds. Cruising up with ease, yet still requiring some human power behind the pedals to keep up momentum. A mere 60 minutes to the summit. We were greeted with incredible views across Lake Hawea, over to Mount Aspiring and up towards Makarora.


Descend Before Dark

Now for the fun part! We turned off our batteries and prepared for an exciting descent down to lake level. Some sections of single track and loose gravel corners made for a white-knuckled skid to the bottom. But don’t forget the amazing views acting as a pleasant distraction!

Within an hour and a half we were back at the car with plenty of time for a beer, before dinner and bed. We were feeling rather excited to tell our colleagues about the evening’s adventure at work the next day.

E-bikes get a bad rep as a glorified chairlift, reserved for the lycra-clad Nigels out there. But if you ask me, accomplishing a mission that would typically be reserved for a weekend, in just one evening after work, calls for some attention. Us adventurers are all searching for that quick fix, aren’t we? What if e-bikes are the answer to our prayers?!


Essential Gear

  • Helmet
  • E-bike: Available to rent from a number of local retailers
  • Water and snacks
  • An extra layer, just in case!

How To Get There

Track entrance is signposted at the end of Nook Road, approx. 6km from the Lake Hawea township.

Skill Level

Intermediate to Advanced – the Department of Conservation rates it as a Grade 4 MTB

Distance Covered / Elevation Gained / Duration

18km / 1398m altitude at the summit – a gain of 958m / 1.5 hours