Did you know that there’s a specific smartphone app for Australian emergencies? It’s called Emergency+ and it’s available at all good app stores near you!

The Emergency+ app was developed by Australia’s emergency services to fight a common problem. Most callers couldn’t give their exact location, and the further they were from civilisation, the vaguer their info became.

Sick of this, emergency services partnered with the Aussie government to release an app that taps into the GPS in your phone. If you’re in a bind, making a call through the app allows you to give the operator the critical location data they need to save you ASAP.

Emergency+ also features a list of emergency numbers beyond 000 and how to use them. The SES, Police Assistance, Crimestoppers and even the Poisons information hotlines make an appearance.

It’s free, takes up 6 megabytes and you can never predict when you might need it. I reckon every single explorer on this page should download it right away.


The app still needs phone reception to work. If you’re heading somewhere really wild, grab yourself a Personal Locator Beacon (you can often rent or borrow!)

Grab yourself a waterproof/shockproof case to protect your phone. A portable battery doesn’t hurt either if you can’t help but live-tweet your adventure.


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