Searching for the ultimate dog friendly walks on the Gold Coast? You’re in luck (and not just cause you live in a beautiful part of Australia!). We’ve sourced the best trails to take your beloved pooch on the Gold Coast that beat a walk around the block any day!


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Country on which these adventures take place who have occupied and cared for these lands and waters for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

Best Dog Friendly Walks on the Gold Coast

Sun’s out, dogs out… and about on the best dog friendly walks on the Gold Coast. That’s the saying right? Well, it should be.

The Goldie has some truly stunning dog friendly walks, and we’ve gone ahead and put them together in this nifty list for your perusal.

These hikes have earned a spot on this list based on their outstanding reviews (Google, AllTrails etc.) from other keen hikers and their doggos. 

We’ve also included some handy tips and tricks to make sure your pup remains safe, and that the Gold Coast’s precious flora and fauna remain safe as well. We love a safe hike. 

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Dog Friendly Walks on the Gold Coast

1. Marine Parade Foreshore Walk

Nearest town: Labrador
Distance: 3.5km
Time: 45 minutes
Leash rules: On leash

For a nice flat walk that takes less than an hour, check out the Marine Parade Foreshore Walk in Labrador (the suburb not the breed).

A trail great for both dogs and dog owners, take in the panoramic views of the coast and local wildlife as you meander along a paved path.

It’s a pretty popular walk amongst cyclists, rollerblades, and joggers, so be sure to share the path!

2. Mitchell Park to Federation Walk Coastal Reserve

Nearest town: Main Beach
Distance: 17km
Time: 3.5 hours
Leash rules: On leash

If you’re after a long walk with your dog, try this 17km trail from Mitchell Park to Federation Walk Coastal Reserve.

Passing through some of the best parks and reserves on the Gold Coast – including The Federation Walk Coastal Reserve which includes 70 hectares of vegetation and nearly 3km of shoreline – enjoy views of the city skyline, the beaches, and plenty of attractions along the way.



There’s an off-leash dog area or two to let your pup run wild. Once you reach the reserve, keep a look out for the diverse birdlife that inhabits the park, including the Double-banded plover and Bar-tailed godwit.

3. Main Beach to Lands End 

Nearest town: Main Beach
Distance: 14.3km
Time: 3 hours
Leash rules: On leash

For a scenic esplanade route, head to Main Beach, walk north and continue hugging the shoreline until you reach Lands End.



This walk takes you through a range of stunning Gold Coast parks and reserves including (deep breath), Pelican Beach Park, Proud Park, Dr Rudi Lebi Park, Reuben Pelerman Reserve, Broadwater Parklands, Anzac Park, Mitchell Park, Len Fox Park, North Rix Park, and Quota Park at Lands End.

There are plenty of off-leash dog park areas along the way to give your furry friend some well-deserved freedom.

4. Gold Coast Botanic Garden Loop

Nearest town: Benowa
Distance: 3.7km
Time: 45 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash/off-leash

For a fun day out for the whole family, head to the Gold Coast Botanic Gardens in Benowa. Walk the garden loop, which will only take you about 45 minutes, before settling down for a BBQ lunch.

This garden loop covers all the main attractions within the Botanic Gardens, including a loop around Feature Lake and through the Freshwater Wetlands. The trail itself is very well-maintained and easy to navigate. The walk is on-leash only, but there’s an off-leash dog area as well to let your pup roam free.


5. The Gold Coast Oceanway – The Spit to Point Danger

Nearest town: Main Beach
Distance: 35.7km
Time: 7.5 hours if you send it!
Leash rules: On-leash

The biggest dog-friendly hike on the Gold Coast, The Spit to Point Danger is a whopping 35.7km route that literally spans the entire length of the Goldie.

It’s a great way to see the whole city, and a pretty easy path to navigate as well. There are plenty of dog friendly beaches, off-leash dog parks, and dog friendly cafes along the way. You’ll pass the very popular dog beach at Mermaid Beach (Fingal Head Beach), as well as the picturesque Palm Beach.



Just be mindful if you’re gearing up to walk the whole thing that it’s a very long hike and you should know your dog’s (and your own) limits before bringing them along for the ride.

6. Doug Jennings Park and Seawall Trail

Nearest town: Main Beach
Distance: 3.4km
Time: 45 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash

Starting at Doug Jennings Park on the southern boundary of the Moreton Bay Marine Park, this walk is pet friendly and a popular destination for walkers, picnickers, fishermen, divers, surfers, and swimmers.

Doug Jennings Park covers roughly 30 hectares of the prominent coastal peninsula on the eastern side of the iconic Broadwater, and it serves up some excellent dog walking views.



This loop walk will only take you about 45 minutes, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy some dog friendly dining options after your walk.

7. Pleasant Parklands to Riverstone Crossing

Nearest town: Maudsland
Distance: 5.5km
Time: 1.25 hours
Leash rules: On-leash

For a lovely suburban stroll out near Maudsland, why not do the Pleasant Parklands to Riverstone Crossing walk? With some beautiful scenery as you wind your way through Pleasant Parklands and onto Riverstone Crossing Reserve, this is a great and easy walk to take the pooch, with a few off-leash areas available for some bounding fun in Riverstone Crossing Reserve.

It’s also a lovely place to kick back and relax or throw a footy around with your mates and your favourite four-legged pal. 

Safety Tips for All

Unless you’re in a designated off-leash area, you need to keep your dog on-leash at all times. This isn’t just for their safety (1080 baits can be found in various parks and can be lethal for domestic pets), but also for the safety of local fauna. 

Oh, and of course don’t forget to always pick up after your doggy and dispose of the rubbish in a designated bin. Don’t bag it and leave it on the floor thinking you’ll come back for it – too many people forget!

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Dog Friendly Walks on the Gold Coast FAQs

What is the best dog friendly walk on the Gold Coast?

We reckon the Marina Parade Foreshore Walk in Labrador is one of the best dog friendly walks on the Gold Coast. Taking just 45 minutes for 3.5km, there are plenty of sights to take in along the way, including Broadwater Parklands and The Spit. 

What is the longest dog friendly walk on the Gold Coast?

If you’re game, you can walk the entire length of the Gold Coast from The Spit to Point Danger, clocking in 35.7km and an average time of 7.5 hours.

Where are dogs allowed on the Gold Coast?

There are plenty of places dogs are allowed on the Gold Coast, from beaches to parks, reserves and more. If you’re unsure, check the local council website or have a look at signs in the areas you’re visiting. 

Can you take your dog for a walk in Burleigh Hill?

You can’t take your dog for a walk in Burleigh Hill, sadly, as it’s part of Burleigh Head National Park. Dogs aren’t allowed in most national parks across Australia. 

Can you walk your dog on the beach on the Gold Coast?

Good news! You can walk your dog on a leash at most Gold Coast beaches. There are also several off-leash dog areas for your pup to run wild and frolic in the waves. Always check council signs, however, as rules can change. 

Life’s a Beach for Dogs on the Gold Coast

So there you have it, seven of the best dog friendly walks the Gold Coast has to offer. Where are you taking your furry friend first? Also, let us know if we’ve missed out on any epic walks – go on, sharing is caring!


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