Adelaide is filled with some of the best dog friendly walks in the country, so finding the top tracks to take your dog on a big day out is easy as. We’ve put together an epic list of the best dog friendly walks in Adelaide from short and sweet to more challenging hikes. Enjoy!


We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the Country on which these adventures take place who have occupied and cared for these lands and waters for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.

10 Best Dog Friendly Walks in Adelaide

Adelaide is perhaps one of Australia’s most underrated capital cities. With some of the best beaches and campgrounds,  running trails and other fun experiences like indoor bouldering (or winery hopping, anyone?), there’s so much to do in Radelaide (wait, do people still call it that?).

Some of the state’s best walking trails also happen to be dog friendly, which is very good news indeed for you and your four-legged best bud. From national park trails to forests, river walkways, and the beautiful Adelaide coast, we’ve rounded up the top ten best dog friendly walks in Adelaide.

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These hikes and walks have earned a spot on this list based on their outstanding reviews (Google, AllTrails etc) from other keen hikers and their dogs, so you know they’re legit.

After the best dog friendly walks in other parts of our beautiful country? We’ve got you:


10 Dog Friendly Walks in Adelaide in 2023, photo by Brodie Dufek, dog, Gallipoli Beach, South Australia

Photo by Brodie Dufek

Dog Friendly Walks in Adelaide

1. Waterfall Hike, Belair National Park

Nearest town: Belair
Distance: 6.5km
Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash

Situated in the gorgeous Adelaide Hills just 13km south of the city, Belair National Park is one of the most scenic places to get active outdoors with your dog, with plenty of natural bushland and epic hiking trails.

The Waterfall Hike is particularly cool and also the most beautiful trail in the park. Showcasing Belair’s stunning views and rock escarpments, the walk is particularly lovely in spring with the trail abundant with blooming orchids and other wildflowers. Across the year you’re also likely to catch a glimpse of emus, koalas, and kangaroos.

This track also goes through the Echo Tunnel under the railway line, so be sure to bring a flashlight. There are some lush waterfalls along the route but their visibility will depend on when you go.

Please note! Belair National Park charges a vehicle entrance fee of $12.50 per vehicle.


Photo by Ben Stevens

2. Viaduct Track Loop, Shepherds Hill Recreation Park

Nearest town: St Marys
Distance: 8km
Time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash

Just 11km south of Adelaide you’ll find Shepherds Hill Recreation Park and the Viaduct Track Loop. This suburban park with 360-degree views of the surrounding Adelaide plains, coastline, and hills is home to some very cool attractions, like an old railway tunnel and the remains of a viaduct bridge.

The Viaduct Track is great for beginner hikers and veteran bushwalkers, with several creek crossings and plenty of bushlands to marvel at. The hill climb at the top can be a challenge, but it’s worth the view. And while the train tracks are cool to explore, be wary as it’s an active line with trains passing through. It’s also a popular trail for mountain bikers so keep your dog on-leash at all times and share the trail with others.

3. Porosa Hike, Cobbler Creek Recreation Park

Nearest town: Salisbury
Distance: 3.2km
Time: 1 hour
Leash rules: On-leash

For a relatively easy hike, head to Cobbler Creek Recreation Park and meander through stately River red gums on the Porosa Hike. With inspiring views of the Adelaide Hills and surrounding Adelaide Plains from the hilltop near Teakles Ruin, this is one very pretty walking trail.

This route does have some steep climbs to get the blood pumping, and signage isn’t always the best, otherwise it’s a pretty easy hike for both you and your pup.


@philipmallis on flickr

4. Yellowtail Loop, Anstey Hill Recreation Park

Nearest town: Tea Tree Gully
Distance: 6km
Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash

For a truly unique walking experience with your dog, check out the Yellowtail Loop at Anstey Hill, just 16km northeast of the Adelaide CBD. With beautiful natural bushland and plenty of wildflowers peppered along the route, you’ll also find the extensive ruins of a 19th century nursery here.

There’s plenty of wildlife to see too, including families of kangaroos in the mornings and the odd koala relaxing in the arvo sun.

5. Devils Nose Track Loop, Para Wirra Recreation Park

Nearest town: Yattalunga
Distance: 9km
Time: 2.5 hours
Leash rules: On-leash

For some serious nature immersion, Parra Wirra Recreation Park is where it’s at. From gorgeous walks to picnic areas, and observing native fauna like kangaroos, emus, bearded dragons, and even Short-beaked echidnas if you’re lucky, you and your dog will have a ball in this park.

A pretty straightforward yet longer dog friendly walk is the Devils Nose Track Loop, which meanders through the arid landscape of Para Wirra Conservation Park. Just under 10km, it’ll take you less than three hours to complete (depending on how much your pup stops and sniffs all the glorious smells!).


@pauljill on flickr

6. Wirraparinga Trail Loop, Brownhill Creek Recreation Park

Nearest town: Mitcham
Distance: 2.3km
Time: 30 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash

After a shorter hike with your dog? Stroll along the Wirraparinga Trail Loop in the Brownhill Creek Recreation Park. Wind your way through Brownhill Creek Valley and marvel at the narrow creek which flows through the steep-sided gully, with 300-year-old majestic River red gums dotted along the creek bed.

For a long walk, you can combine the Wirraparinga Trail – which traverses the southern side of the valley – with the Shared Use Trail the northern side along the creek.

7. Marino Conservation Park Walking Trail

Nearest town: Marino
Distance: 2km
Time: 30 minutes
Leash rules: On-leash

If you don’t feel like heading too far out of the Adelaide CBD, head to Marino Conservation Park. Steeped in history, Mari­no Con­ser­va­tion Park was a tra­di­tion­al rest­ing place of the Kau­r­na Peo­ples, yet by the ear­ly 20th cen­tu­ry much was cleared for grazing. These days, the park conserves the last remains of coastal heath veg­e­ta­tion along this part of the Ade­laide coastline and is also a popular walking trail.

The flat and easy trail loops around and allows you to explore the park and take in the scenic views of Brighton, Glenelg, Grange, and the Mari­no Rocks Light­house.

8. River Trail, Sturt Gorge Recreation Park

Nearest town: Flagstaff Hill
Distance: 9km
Time: 2.5 hours
Leash rules: On-leash

For a moderate yet truly spectacular hike, take on the River Trail in Sturt Gorge Recreation Park. With a total of nine river crossings and some pretty insane views across the gorge, you and your dog will absolutely go bananas over this trail.

Fun fact! Sturt Gorge is internationally recognised as an area of conservation and geological significance, with the park conserving the nationally threatened Greybox grassy woodland vegetation. It’s also home to a rock formation known as Sturt tillite thought to have formed 800 million years ago.


9. Blackwood Forest Recreation Park Walking Track

Nearest town: Hawthorndene
Distance: 1.5km
Time: 30 minutes
Leash rules: Off-leash

If your dog loves to roam free, head to Blackwood Forest Recreation Park ASAP. Situated in the Mt. Lofty Ranges suburb of Hawthorndene, your best pal can explore this park totally off-lead, with plenty of paths and historical buildings to uncover.

There’s a dedicated walking track that runs for about 1.5km and winds through pine forests and open land. Otherwise, you and your pup are free to explore this park however you like.

10. O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park, Long Loop

Nearest town: Seaview Downs
Distance: 14km
Time: 3.5 hours
Leash rules: On-leash

For a long and challenging trail (in terms of distance), head to O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park and tackle the Long Loop, which should take you about 3.5 hours at a good pace.

Part of Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta, there’s actually a large network of walking trails, horse trails, fire tracks, and bicycle ways, so there are plenty of ways to enjoy this park. While the entire area was cleared and used for grazing for more than 90 years, you’ll still find plenty of shady trees dotted throughout the park.

Dog Walking Safety Tips

Unless you’re in a designated off-leash area, it’s super important you keep your dog on-leash at all times. National parks in South Australia and across Australia are there to protect native wildlife and to do this, often means dogs aren’t permitted.

There’s a risk to both dogs and wildlife. National parks regularly use poisonous ground baiting to target introduced species, which could be fatal to dogs. Native animals are often vulnerable to diseases that dogs may carry, and can easily be scared off by barking or the scents left by dogs. 

The smell and sight of dogs are sometimes enough to cause native animals stress, and in some cases, even abandon their babies. That’s why you must only walk your dog where permitted, even if they’re on-leash. 

Oh, and of course don’t forget to always pick up after your doggy and dispose of the rubbish in a designated bin (don’t bag it and leave it on the floor thinking you’ll come back for it – it’s very easy to forget). 

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Dog Friendly Walks in Adelaide FAQs

Can dogs go to Mt Lofty?

Dogs are not allowed to visit Mt Lofty as it’s part of the Mount Lofty Ranges in the Ade­laide Hills, where dogs are not permitted.

Is Mount Osmond dog friendly?

Mount Osmond is dog friendly as long as you keep your pup on-leash. The Mount Osmond track is a 3.5km circuit and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

Can dogs go to Kuitpo Forest?

Yes, dogs can visit the Kuitpo Forest in the plantation forest areas. However, they must be under effective control and on-leash at all times. It’s worth noting there are no bins in the forest trail areas, so you’ll need to pick up all dog poo and carry it out with you.

Can you take your dog to Morialta Falls?

You can take your dog to Morialta Falls but only in the Morialta picnic area and along Morialta Falls Road to the Morialta Falls car park.

Which recreational and conservation parks can dogs go to in Adelaide?

Dogs are welcome at many of South Australia’s recreational and conservation parks. On a leash unless signed otherwise, you and your pup can visit countless parks in Adelaide, including:

  • Anstey Hill Recreation Park
  • Para Wirra Conservation Park
  • Cobbler Creek Recreation Park
  • Wara Wayingga-Tennyson Dunes Conservation Reserve
  • Marino Conservation Park
  •  O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park
  • Shepherds Hill Recreation Park
  • Sturt Gorge Recreation Park
  • Onkaparinga River Recreation Park
  • Brownhill Creek Recreation Park
  • Greenhill Recreation Park
  • Totness Recreation Park
  • Morialta Conservation Park
  • Mount George Conservation Park
  • Blackwood Forest Recreation Park

Can dogs go to national parks in Adelaide?

Glenthorne National Park-Ityamaiitpinna Yarta and Belair National Park are two dog friendly national parks in Adelaide, so both you and your furry friends can enjoy them together.

Adelaide Clearly Loves Dogs

Clearly, Adelaide loves its dogs’ thanks to all the amazing hikes they’re allowed to go on, which we’re totally here for. Which dog friendly hike will you check out with your best bud? Let us know in the comments! Also let us know if we’ve missed out on any epic walks – go on, ya know you want to share. 


Feature photo by Josh Geelen Photographer