Float the afternoon away in an infinity pool and pitch by a remote creek-side camp spot in Dinden / Davies Creek National Park.


Quick Overview

The Kahlpahlim Rock circuit is a 12.3km loop and is located in the Davies Creek National Park in Queensland and offers camping facilities. The drive from southwest of Cairns to Davies Creek takes about 1 hour to complete.

We acknowledge that this adventure is located on the traditional land of the Bulawai people who have occupied and cared for this land for thousands of years. We pay our respects to them as the Traditional Custodians and recognise that sovereignty was never ceded.


  • A glassy infinity pool for sunset
  • Private camping near Cairns with a firepit and the sound of the river rushing past
  • Lambs Head (with Kahlpahlim at its peak – a huge granite massif) 
  • Home to the Bulwai people, who were part of the Djabugay clan. Bulwai Rock Art Trail is close by!

Immersed in Dinden – Welcome to Davies Creek National Park

A few kilometres on the dirt Davies Creek Road will have you winding through forests and taking in the majesty of eucalypts, acacias, and grevilleas. This snaking road is a sight in itself, so be sure to take it slow, and look out for birds and rock wallabies.

While you’re at it, see if you can spot the gigantic petalurid dragonfly, it’s the largest in the world!


An Infinity Pool, Granite Massif and Bulwai Rock Art – Camping in Davies Creek National Park, mitch cox, rainforest road cairns, tropical north queensland


Dinden / Davies Creek National Park has a lot to offer outdoor lovers with several campsites, waterholes, rivers, and hikes. These are my highlights.

Davies Creek Falls And Infinity Pool

Never has there been an infinity pool that requires so little effort! It’s just a 300m stroll from the car park down to the top of the falls, and the pool beckons a dip. The water temperature is divine, especially if you’re coming from the southern states! 

You should only plan to swim in the infinity pool during the drier months (winter and spring). After heavy rainfall the current can be quite strong, which is a sight to behold from afar!

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Bunda Bibandji Rock Art Trail

This one hour easy return walk will have you face-to-face with the storytelling of the Bulwai tribe. This art trail includes the ‘Bare Hill’ rock site, dated by scientists to over 3,500 years ago, as old as Egyptian pyramids! 

Camping at Upper or Lower Davies Creek Campgrounds

Davies Creek National Park has excellent campsites. There’s something about having a site all to yourself, the sky full of stars above and the sound of rushing river water beside you that allows all that tension to ooze out of you. You’ll be able to pitch your tent at your car, so no need to go lightweight.


An Infinity Pool, Granite Massif and Bulwai Rock Art – Camping in Davies Creek National Park, tourism tropical north queensland, davies creek, cairns, tropical north queensland

Views like this can be found only a short distance from the campsites


If you’re after a campfire head to Upper Davies Creek campground which has assigned camping ‘nodes’ and firepits. Lower Davies Creek Campground is one for those who prefer their camping a bit wilder, with sites nestled between granite boulders near the water. Camping has to be booked and costs just $6.75 per person per night.

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An Infinity Pool, Granite Massif and Bulwai Rock Art – Camping in Davies Creek National Park, mitch cox, ruby claire bisson, campfire, cairns, tropical north queensland

Getting ready for a cook up at Upper Davies Creek Campground

Lambs Head Hike

A two hour hike up to Kahlpahlim Rock on the Lambs Head Hike will reward you with sweeping views of World Heritage rainforest, Lake Morris, and on a clear day you can see all the way to Cairns and the reef!

The hike crams a lot in! With tranquil creek crossings, huge boulders to weave between, wet sclerophyll rainforest, and the chance of sighting a cassowary, it’s a hike that begs you to take its time.

Kahlpahlim Rock is rated as difficult due to the steep sections of the trail. There are two out and back routes or a combo circuit up to 12.3km long. If it’s wet make sure you’ve got your leech kit with you — those little buggers are nasty! Long pants and a little container of salt will do you well.

This is Just a Taste!

If I wrote down everything you could do in Dinden / Davies Creek National Park I’d be rambling for days!

Chuck these spots on your bucket list, but make sure you leave some extra time to explore deeper into the park’s countless nooks and crannies.

Essential Gear

  • Swimmers
  • Towel
  • Hiking shoes
  • Camera
  • Tent and cooking supplies
  • Rubbish bag
  • Toilet paper
  • Salt and long pants
  • Don’t forget to bring your own water

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How To Get There

Just over an hour from Cairns, Davies Creek Road (along with a couple of precarious 4WD-friendly bumps in the road) will take you to Davies Creek Waterfall, a series of campsites (referred to as ‘nodes’ which you book online) and a number of small car parks for day walks. Get exploring!

Skill Level

Beginner – Davies Creek Falls is accessible for young legs, and you’ll be driving right to your campsite. 

Intermediate – If you’re heading out on the hike up to Kahlpahlim Rock

Distance Covered

If you’re just heading to the waterfall, it’s around 300m down to the water from Upper Davies Creek Campground.

Lambs Head is at least a challenging 9.2km hike, with a maximum 12.3km trip on the circuit walk.

Photography by @mitch.cox and Tourism Tropical North Queensland