Winter surfs getting a bit nippy? Spare a thought for the crew behind Corners of the Earth KAMCHATKA – they faced 1°C water and -20°C air temperatures while surfing winter waves in Russia. 


It never gets that cold in Aussie waters (ok, maybe in Adelaide) so the wetsuits the team needed weren’t readily available. The crew hit up their main sponsor, Project Blank.

Project Blank make sustainable, direct-to-consumer wetsuits, but they didn’t have anything like this on the books – it was time to go custom. But with a global shipping and manufacturing crisis in full swing the team was rushing to create the suits in time.

The result? After ice bath testing and one round of feedback: heaps of thermal insulation, a smaller neckline and up to 6mm of foam. Check it out.



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Feature image by @spencerfrostfilms