We’ve just dropped our new line of merch – and we don’t reckon it’s gonna stay there for long. Get your mitts on it ASAP!


Looking for a dope new cap to wrap around ya noggin? Or maybe a fresh new tee to throw on before heading out the door, into the wild?

We’ve got you literally covered (BYO pants). 

These are fab new threads that can be rocked by anyone, at any time of the year. It’s fashion darling, we can’t dictate how you style it, we just know you have to have it!

Barrels and Brews T-Shirt

We asked our mate Aidan Howes to send us a scribble and this is what he came back with – WOW!



Big props Aido – we love it as much as koalas love tearing up the waves. 

Wanna be the proud new papi of one of the Barrels and Brews tees? Chuck us a pineapple, and we’ll send you back the shirt, plus $5! Talk about a bargain!

Seriously, you can do anything in this shirt.

You can dance in it. 

You can run in it. 



You can nap in it. 



The opportunities are limitless. Especially if you pair it with our new lid. 


Slap on a Tee

Day For It Cap

We had a bit of constructive feedback about our last hat – namely that it was often too large for ladies’ heads! 

We’ve heard your desperate cries for a hat that fits most, and we reckon we’ve delivered. 



We’ve chosen the most on fleek material around – corduroy – chucked in a funky native flower design by superstar Maddie Wilson, and inscribed the most profound phrase we could think of up top. 




Couldn’t have said it better myself. 

We’ll swap ya 40 clams for one of these puppies. 

Disclaimer: This hat can only be worn, if it is, in fact, a day for it. 


Put a Lid on It


We reckon we’ve hideously under-ordered this new line, so if you fancy it, don’t bloody dawdle!