Broome is known as the pearl of the North West, and it sure is a tucked-away treasure. Its remote situation makes it the perfect place to base yourself for a few days whilst you explore and play in its wild surrounds.


  • Stunning beaches
  • A horizontal waterfall that’s a ‘wonder of the natural world’
  • Getting up close (but not too personal) with some toothy friends at the crocodile park
  • Speciality beer at Matso’s Brewery
  • Some of the best sunsets…ever

Adventures Near Broome

Broome is a photographers dream, with white sandy beaches, aqua blue water and incredible sunsets.

The moment you arrive, you’ll feel relaxed by the beautiful surroundings and the fact that no-one seems to be in a hurry. You’re on Broome time now baby, so don’t expect quick service. But who cares, you have nowhere to be, you’re on holidays!

However, if relaxing isn’t your style… don’t panic! Here’s a bunch of more adventurous things to see and do in Broome.

1. Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls, located in the Buccaneer Archipelago within the Kimberley Region, has been described by David Attenborough as, “One of the greatest wonders of the natural world”.

This natural phenomenon occurs due to intense tidal current rushing through two narrow coastal gorges. The water builds up in front of the gaps faster than it can flow through, causing up to 5m high waterfalls between the two bays.

The only way to get out to the horizontal falls on a tour is by seaplane, with tours running from both Broome and Derby. The seaplane flies over the Buccaneer Archipelago, which is made up of 800 islands. Be sure to have your camera ready because before you land on the tranquil waters of Talbot Bay, you fly above Horizontal Falls and get to witness nature at its best.


The Pearl of the North West // Broome (WA), Zoe Vaughan, Horizontal Falls, ocean, headlands, flow, current, tide

2. Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park

Malcolm Douglas Crocodile Park is located 15 minutes outside of Broome. It is home to some of Australia’s largest crocodiles and is a must-visit when you’re in Broome.

Here you can hold baby crocodiles, watch the daily feed and hear stories of the many crocodile inhabitants. It’s extraordinary to hear the chomp when a croc bites down on the food; so much power and aggression. There’s also plenty of other Australian wildlife if you want a break from the crocs.


The Pearl of the North West // Broome (WA), Zoe Vaughan, crocodile, animal, jaws, teeth, snap, fierce, sharp, open

3. Willie Creek Pearl Farm

There are plenty of pearl farms in the Kimberley. Willie Creek Pearl Farm is the closest and located 38km North of Broome on the scenic tidal estuary of Willie Creek.

Here you can do a 2 hour guided tour which includes learning how pearlers seed live oysters to produce pearls; a boat tour of the stunning Willie Creek and, most importantly, pearl shopping. For those that don’t like shopping but want a thrill, there are many different scenic helicopter rides available at the farm that provide an amazing view of the surrounding area, including the northern end of Cable Beach.


The Pearl of the North West // Broome (WA), Zoe Vaughan, Cable Beach, shale, ocean, coastline

4. Cable Beach

This 22km long beach was named Cable Beach due to the 1889 telegraph cable that was laid between Broome and Java. You can’t come to Broome without going on one of the famous sunset camel rides. It should be on everyone’s bucket list.

During the peak season, winter, you can hire stand up paddle boards, kayaks and plenty more. Cable Beach has the best sunsets I have ever seen. Driving down onto the beach, setting up a camera and watching the sunset is my favourite thing to do in Broome.

Warning: Cable Beach is a clothing optional beach so if you are in Broome during the winter months beware!


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5. Gatheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is located at the southern end of Cable Beach, With its red rocks and cliff faces it’s a complete contrast to Cable Beach. At very low tides, below 2.16m, go searching for the 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprints.  During migration periods you can witness whales swimming past.

6. Matso’s Brewery

You can’t visit Broome without having a meal at Matso’s Brewery. The food is amazing but more importantly, their speciality beers are legendary.


The Pearl of the North West // Broome (WA), Zoe Vaughan, sunset, palm trees, red sky, clouds, silhouettes

Basecamp In Broome — Cable Beach

There are a lot of amazing resorts in Broome; the best choices are near Cable Beach, which enables you to walk to the beach and to the many restaurants in the area. Once you’re settled in you’ll be free to explore the surrounding area, knowing you have a gorgeous place to come back to when the day’s adventures are done.

Scooters are the way to go for transport in Broome, as the town is completely flat. It’s a real thrill zooming around on two wheels and they’re also really cheap to rent locally!

Essential Gear

  • Camera
  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Swimmers (optional at Cable Beach)
  • A relaxed attitude

How To Get There

Broome is 6 hours north of Port Hedland. Be warned there are only fuel stops at Pardoo and Sandfire. Broome is also 2,348km north of Perth or a 2.5-hour flight.