Aussie kitesurfer Brian Kiss von Soly has unofficially broken the Guiness World Record for longest kitesurfing journey with a whopping 916km travelled. What a bloody champ!


Since departing the NSW North Coast on December 28 2020, Brian has been kitesurfing his way down the East Coast, with his eyes set on his hometown of Melbourne as his final destination. 

Last night at 8:30pm, Brian arrived at Werri Beach just south of Wollongong, taking his total distance travelled by kitesurf to 916km. Although it’s yet to be officially verified, Brian has overtaken the previous world record of 862km set by Francisco Luhfinha of Portugal in 2015. Yeeew!

Since his trip started 46 days ago, Brian has spent 16 days on the water and can travel as far as 15 kilometres offshore. He told The Sydney Morning Herald he wouldn’t have been able to make the journey without technology. 

‘I travel with a GPS and an EPIRB that links to my watch. It’s good because I am pretty directionally challenged. I wouldn’t have a clue where I was if it wasn’t for the maps,’ he said

Brian carries everything he needs, including emergency equipment, fresh water, a hammock, and a single pair of undies, in a 60L waterproof pack. 

He told SMH that he aims to come ashore every evening, either sleeping in his hammock or staying with people he meets on his journey. 

After receiving The Book of Guinness World Records for his 21st birthday 15 years ago, Brian has been determined to hold a record for himself. And now he’s done it. Congrats Brian!

Follow the rest of Brian’s journey as he makes his way down the coast to Melbourne.


Feature photo thanks to Brian Kiss von Soly