Bonnie Hancock is currently in the midst of paddling 16,000km around the coast of Australia on a surf ski. And she’s attempting to break two world records while she’s at it, to become the youngest and fastest person to ever do so. 


On December 19th 2021, Bonnie launched off the shores of the Gold Coast to begin her six-month journey around the coast of Australia. Only four other people have completed the same journey on a surf ski, and just one was a woman. 

In an attempt to break the record for fastest known time, Bonnie’s aiming to cover 50-100km every single day! Holy smokes!

Bonnie’s been making her way around Australia with the help of her 8kg carbon fibre surf ski and trusty carbon fibre Bennett paddle, and is currently around Exmouth, WA. 

As part of Bonnie’s journey, she’s raising money for Gotcha4Life Foundation, a mental health charity that works to prevent suicide in Australia. Bonnie’s efforts have already helped raise over $18,000 for the charity and they’re growing every day. 



Bonnie’s hoping to complete her paddle in May or June this year, so follow along the last few months of her journey and keep an eye out for our interview with her once she’s back home!