Key Takeaway
'The Pro Series Women’s Minus 5 is a top-notch bag for someone who gets out hiking every other month and is a frequent camper who likes to stay warm!'
Snuggle Quality
Time to Pack
Warm as! Even in damp conditions
Even fill = very comfortable
Shell feels durable
Zips don't snag
Compacts quickly!
On the bulkier side
Wouldn't go below minus 5 with this one
Blackwolf Pro Series Women’s Sleeping Bag Minus 5

Bee recently took a trip to Tassie and tested out the BlackWolf Pro Series Women’s Sleeping Bag Minus 5 in the descending temps while she was there. Here’s what she thinks.


I love a good night’s kip under the stars. It rejuvenates and replenishes like nothing else! Sleeping below that blanket of bootiful blazing gas balls is often the reason we embark on our adventures in the first place. 

Having gear that enhances this outdoor dream state is important. A sleeping bag rates high on this gear list and is a make or break item in your kit, one that either comforts and soothes, or fast turns into a noisy struggle against a long, frosty night.   



I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few nights outdoors recently, putting one of BlackWolf’s sleeping bags to the test… the Pro Series Women’s Minus 5

I’m not too fussy when it comes to gear, however, I am a pest when I’m cold. So, I dialled down my requirements for a good bag to this; warmth (numero uno), snuggle quality, time to pack, and if I’m hiking, size/compactness.

And at only $250, it’s on the cheaper side when it comes to sleeping bags that claim to keep you warm in conditions below zero. 



Boasting a similar warmth to a down sleeping bag, the Pro Series is insulated with a Clusterloft fill. This allows the bag to be washable and perform even when it’s damp.

While I didn’t put the Clusterloft to its absolute limit of -5℃, -1℃ on a dried-up creek bed in Tassie’s alpine region was enough to know whether or not this bag could handle the cold. How did it stack up? 

Quite like a down bag really, it was nice and warm. There was the usual wriggle ‘n’ roll at the beginning, but once the lofty fill had started heating up it kept me warm all night. Even when I left the tent unzipped.

The toe region seemed to be a little colder than the rest of the bag, but that’s nothing a good pair of merinos couldn’t fix. Tick of warm approval from a cold-avoidant human.


Snuggle Quality

Yes, very snuggly. The cluster loft is more evenly dispersed than some down bags, making you feel like you’re insulated by a nice spongey cloud.

I’m not used to bags that hug your shape, which at first seemed a little tight, however after the first night’s sleep with all that warmth trapped in, I wasn’t complaining! 


Time to Pack

Who wants to spend their time outdoors packing things up and down? Not me! I don’t want to be the last one with my tent up while everyone else is enjoying a brew with a view, god no!

The quicker I can shove a bag back in its compression sack the better. This one takes less than a minute with ease. Yippee and more time for the sunrise!


The Pro Series isn’t the most compact bag on the market, packed down it measures 350mm x 220mm x 220mm. Something to consider if you’re a gung-ho hiker that’s obsessive about size.

However, if you’re a little more relaxed and don’t mind carrying something slightly bigger for the comforts the Pro Series provides, then this bag is a winner.

While it might take up some space in your pack, it’s not crazy heavy, weighing in at 1.65kg.


Final Thoughts

The Pro Series Women’s Minus 5 is a top-notch bag for someone who gets out hiking every other month and is a frequent camper who likes to stay warm!

The sleeping bag can be used in relatively low temps, and works just beaut in warmer temps too where you can smoothly unzip and stick a leg out to regulate! 

There’s also a secret feature that you’ll only find once it’s dark and cold enough to zip the bag right up over your face…

One last thing, did I mention how cool I looked too? I’ve never owned a bag that looks this cool. The design of the bag is a real campsite show stopper! And that’s what really matters, right?




Bee was provided with the BlackWolf Pro Series Women’s Minus 5 to review and got to keep it. The views are entirely her own.