Few items form a bond as strong as a hiker or camper and their sleeping bag. We’ve put together some of our favourite sleeping bags in Australia to help you decide when getting your own.

If you’re looking to buy a new sleeping bag for your next adventure there are a few things you need to consider first.

We’ve compiled a list of what we think are the 10 of the best sleeping bags on the market (and available in Australia) below, However, before diving in we reckon you should read through our buyer’s guide below the list.

It’s designed to get you up to speed on some of the technical aspects you should bear in mind when shopping for a new sleeping bag.

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Best Sleeping Bags in 2024

1. Black Wolf Equinox 300 Compact Sleeping Bag





  • Temp. Rating: -6°C
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Filling: 2 x 150gsm (top), 2 x 110gsm (base) Hyperloft 4T
  • Shape: Mummy (Technical Hooded)

Reason to buy:

+ Waterproof and breathable

+ Anti snag zipper

+ Packs small

Reason to avoid:

– Can suffer in extreme weather

Price: $159.50



The Black Wolf Equinox 300 Compact Sleeping Bag is made of waterproof and breathable fabric, so you’ll stay dry and comfortable even in wet conditions.

This mummy sleeping bag can be compressed into a fairly small size, perfect for backpacking, hiking, kayaking, or other outdoor activities. The sleeping bag has a temperature limit of -6°C and a comfort temperature of 0°C, which means it will struggle to keep you warm in extreme weather conditions, but be fine in most Australian conditions.

In addition, the Black Wolf Equinox 300 Sleeping Bag has a hood that can be cinched down tight around your head to keep you warm, using its single-action toggle with just one hand. It also has a pillow pocket in the hood, which you can stuff with clothes to create a soft pillow.

This sleeping bag also comes with a hidden security pocket in case you want to keep your phone or torch nearby. Its zipper prevents any fabric snag on your clothes or the bag itself.

At the end of your trip, you can air out your Black Wolf sleeping bag effortlessly using the sleeping bag’s hanging loops.

While its performance isn’t groundbreaking, the Equinox 300 Sleeping Bag offers great value for buyers on a budget keen to get an entry level sleeping bag to use year-round.

2. Sea to Summit Spark 2 SPII Down Sleeping Bag




  • EN13537 Temp Rating Comfort: 4°C Lower Limit: -2°C Extreme: -18°C
  • Weight: 490 g
  • Primary Filling Material: GOOSE Down (Min. 90% Down, Stuff sack: 100% Nylon excluding Trims)
  • Shape: Mummy


Reasons to buy:

+ Lightweight

+ Comfortable

+ Great quality overall

Reason to avoid:

– Limited zipper length

Price: $539.95



The ultra-light and technical Sea to Summit Spark 2 SPII Down Sleeping Bag is designed to keep you very warm while simultaneously minimising packed weight and size. You can comfily sleep in this bag in very frosty weather despite tipping the scales at just over half a kilogram. 

The Spark 2 Sleeping Bag has an ULTRA-DRY Down filling that’s ethically sourced (with RDS certification). The construction is all nylon with a tough 10D internal shell and 7D lining fabric.

Sea to Summit’s Spark 2 SPII Down comes with an anatomical hood with a drawcord that can be adjusted with one hand. The hood also has a dual baffle to fit around your head snugly and retain heat insulated draft collar for extra warmth and light-gauge zippers that are positioned away from your body.

However, the zipper only covers a third of the sleeping bag’s entire length, which means you’ll have to tuck yourself in. While this may be a bit uncomfortable for some, it was designed this way to reduce a bit of its weight. The limited length of the zipper also means that you cannot open it up fully to use it as a blanket or combine it with another sleeping bag.

The Sea to Summit Spark 2 SPII Down Sleeping Bag also has a laminated foot box that’s waterproof and comes with taped seams. The foot box is designed with an offset construction to reduce cold spots and keep your feet warm. There’s also an internal pocket where you can store your valuables for safekeeping.

The Sea to Summit Spark 2 SPII Down Sleeping Bag is one of the best options for those who need a versatile technical bag that’s also light and packable. The high price reflects the high level of technical performance in a lightweight package, which is particularly desirable for ambitious hikers.

3. Mont Helium 450 -1 To -7°C Down Sleeping Bag





  • Season Rating: 3 Season
  • Women &/or Cold Sleeper: -1°C / 30°F
  • Standard size weight: 450g fill, 800g total
  • Men &/or Warm Sleeper: -7°C / 19°F
  • Shell fabric: 520 thread count, 10 by 10 denier ultralight Nylon (26g/m2)
  • Lining fabric: 520 thread count, 10 by 10 denier ultralight Nylon (26g/m2)
  • Shape: mummy

Reasons to buy:

+ Lightweight

+ Comfortable

+ Great quality overall 

Reason to avoid:

– Expensive

Price: $749.95



The Mont Helium 450 is a mummy sleeping bag that is also ultralight and compact, weighing as little as 800g, ensuring maximum versatility. Since its launch, it has proven very popular with hikers in various extreme climates.

The dual zippers of the Helium 450 enable temperature regulation. Given its 800+ loft down, it offers an really impressive warmth-to-weight ratio. Our Editor Tim uses this bag ski touring and camping on the snow, with a few bonus layers as he’s a cold sleeper.

The Helium 450 has a reliable 10 by 10 denier water-resistant fabric that is both tough and ultralight. The durable water repellent (DWR)  coating on the outside and the town ensures the sleeping bag repels water if you’re caught in a storm.

The draft tubes behind both YKK zippers further increase the warmth of the sleeping bag. The contoured hood has a dual baffle and a face gasket to snugly fit around your head and prevent heat loss.

There’s also an internal storage pocket where you can safely keep your valuables, it’s a great place to keep your phone warm in cold weather so the battery doesn’t die.

The Helium 450 has a stuff sack that’s ultralight and waterproof for easy packing and transportation. It measures 15×31 cm when packed, which makes it one of the most compact sleeping bags in its category.

The Mont Helium 450 is the most expensive sleeping bag on our list. While it certainly delivers on what’s expected from a high-end sleeping bag, for those needing to balance specs against budget then one of the other options on our list may be a better fit.

4. Kathmandu Columbus Down Sleeping Bag



  • Temp rating: comfort: 2°C Transition: -3°C Risk: -20°C
  • Weight: 940 g – 1000 g
  • Fill Material: 90% Duck down 10% Duck feather
  • Shape: tapered mummy

Reasons to buy:

+ Lightweight

+ Comfortable

+ Great quality overall 

Reason to avoid:

– Expensive

Price: $499.98



The Kathmandu Columbus Sleeping Bag combines low weight and high compressibility. It has proven suitable for camping and hiking in moderate temperatures. The down fill ensures cosy sleep, and the sleeping bag itself easily compresses to a manageable size for travel.

Columbus’ down is independently certified to the Responsible Down Standard. The sleeping bag has a semi-rectangular shape that provides more room for maximum comfort. It also incorporates a shaped hood with a drawcord to provide additional comfort and warmth.

The Columbus sleeping bag’s insulated draft tube guarantees warmth will not leak through the two-way zipper. The zipper helps control the bag’s temperature with ventilation, giving it a natural feel.

The fabric of this sleeping bag is water repellent. The bag also has hanging loops, which will make your life easier when storing or airing out the bag. Lastly, as is the case with most sleeping bags, it also contains a pocket for your valuables.

The Kathmandu Columbus has some features you see in more expensive bags but can often be found at a more affordable price. While its performance isn’t quite as impressive as the more expensive bags, it’s a great mid range 3-season sleeping bag.

5. Coleman Pilbara C-5 Sleeping Bag



  • Temperature Rating: -5°C
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Fill Material: 250gsm hollow fibre filling
  • Shape: rectangular 

Reasons to buy:

+ Affordable price

+ Machine washable

Reasons to avoid:

– A bit difficult to pack up

– Heavy

Price: $109.9



The Coleman Pilbara C-5 Sleeping Bag is great car camping option that offers good quality at a very affordable price. The bag’s generous size and durable materials ensure a comfortable experience. It’s most suited to activities such as camping, caravanning, sleep-overs, and school trips, it’s pretty heavy, weighing in at more than 3kg.

The Coleman Pilbara C-5 also incorporates a cosy place in its base for your feet, ensuring your toes stay as warm as possible in the cold. Depending on the weather, you can also adjust the warmth inside the sleeping bag by adding or removing the flannel liner. You can use a dedicated foot zipper for even better temperature control.

The zippers are snag-free and ensure the sleeping bag is easy to open and close. You can also fully unzip it and use it as a large blanket. Oh and get this, two Coleman Pilbara C-5s can join zippers to form a double sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag has a valuables pocket to safely store your items. When you’re ready to head back home, the embedded four-way compression stuff sack is your best friend. Another advantage is that the Coleman Pilbara C-5 is machine washable.

Even though the Coleman Pilbara C-5 is priced lower than some competitors on this list, if you don’t need the technical features or to save weight, it’s awesome value for money. 

6. OZtrail Blaxland Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag





  • Comfort Rating: 0°C
  • Weight: 2.0 Kg
  • Material: 190T Ripstop Polyester
  • Shape: rectangular 

Reasons to buy:

+ Highly affordable

+ Provides the basics

Reason to avoid:

– Poor zipper design

– Heavy

Price: $59.90



The OZtrail Blaxland Jumbo Hooded Sleeping Bag is a comfy and roomy bag that comes with a quality performance at a much more affordable price, despite also being a bit on the heavier side.

The OZtrail Blaxland Jumbo has a minimum temperature rating of 0°C and -5°C for comfort and warmth. Its dual zippers, draw corded hood, draft tubes, and soft polycotton lining offer versatile sleep options and protect overall warmth. Like the Coleman Pilbara C-5 above, you can also zip two sleeping bags together to provide enough room for two people. However, the cheaper zippers can snag if not zipped gently. 

The OZtrail Blaxland Jumbo has a relatively compact pack size and synthetic insulation fill. It’s generously sized, making it a perfect fit for those who need extra room. The synthetic fill will also provide warmth in cool weather, as well as better moisture resistance.

While this bag will not meet all the needs of a year-round hiker, given that it’s not a winter sleeping bag or particularly light, this fact is reflected in its affordability. And it’s damn cheap.

7. The North Face Eco-Trail Down 35 Sleeping Bag



  • Temp Rating: 35°F / 2°C
  • Total Weight: Reg – 2 Lbs. 7 Oz (1110 g)
  • Insulation: 600 Fill Recycled Down
  • Shape: mummy 

Reason to buy:

+ Lightweight

+ Eco-friendly

+ Packs small

Reason to avoid:

– No down on the backside

Price: $315.00



The North Face Eco-Trail Down 35 Sleeping Bag is an excellent choice for those who love a bit of quality but aren’t necessarily looking for the top of the range. The North Face use high-quality materials and construction throughout this bag, which provide the user with both comfort and durability.

The sleeping bag features fully recycled materials with embossed linings to create a stylish design with a curved profile. It also provides an outstanding warmth-to-weight ratio and is suitable for a wide range of different activities, from camping to backpacking.

Among the lightweight sleeping bags on this list, the North Face Eco-Trail Down 35 incorporates extended width in the knees to provide users with the maximum possible comfort and mobility. In turn, the wraparound J-zip also fosters enhanced mobility and venting. The fitted hood offers generous comfort and warmth too, though at 2°C, this bag won’t see you through the depths of winter without a sleeping bag liner.

The North Face Eco-Trail Down 35 has a draft collar to prevent heat loss and a hood cord for warmth. It also has an internal pocket to keep your phone, watch, or torch secure and within reach.

On top of that, it also provides more freedom and space for your feet with its vaulted foot box. The North Face Eco-Trail Down 35 Sleeping Bag incorporates tie-down loops for securing the bag to a sleeping pad.

However, the fact that there is no down on the backside, does detract somewhat from its level of comfort and warmth. If you’ve got a good warm sleeping mat this might be ok and save you some cash!

8. Macpac Escapade 350 Standard Down Sleeping Bag



  • Temperature Rating: Comfort 4°C / Limit -2°C / Extreme -18°C
  • Weight: 996 g (sleeping bag only – excludes stuff sack and mesh bag)
  • Fill Type: 80/20 RDS Duck Down
  • shape: tapered rectangular 

Reasons to buy:

+ Comfortable

+ Great quality and features

Reason to avoid:

– Expensive

Price: $429.99



The Macpac Escapade 350 is a lightweight sleeping bag that’ll keep you comfortable at any temperature, owing to its weather resistance and breathability.

The sleeping bag comes in a semi-rectangular shape and has trapezoid baffles with interlocking compartments to further enhance overall warmth. Its compression stuff sack will make it easy to pack down small (not all sleeping bags come with one of these!).

The Escapade 350 sleeping bag also incorporates side and foot zippers, allowing you to control the temperature or even open it up completely. The zipper also allows the sleeping bag to connect with another one to provide a wider room as a double sleeping bag. It’ll also protect you from zipper drafts due to its neatly designed draft tube functionality.

The Escapade 350 sleeping bag also has a down collar featuring an adjustable drawcord for a tight cosy hug. It also has an internal security pocket for small valuables you’d like to keep within reach.

The Macpac Escapade 350 Down Sleeping Bag sits right in the middle of our list of the 10 best sleeping bags in Australia in 2023. Its middle of the range features and price make it suitable for most activities and with some accessories for colder climates, might be the only bag you need!

9. Marmot Helium 15 Down Insulated Sleeping Bag




  • Bag temperature(°Celsius): -5°C, Lower Limit -12
  • Weight: 935g
  • Insulation: 800+ Fill Power Goose Down
  • Shape: mummy

Reasons to buy:

+ Lightweight 

+ Comfortable foot box construction

+ Packs small

Reason to avoid:

– Expensive

Price: $489.95



Marmot Helium 15 Down Insulated Sleeping Bag stands out on this list for remarkable lightness and overall comfort despite its very low temperature rating. It provides top-notch insulation and comfort for camping, hiking, ski touring and bikepacking.

The Helium 15 incorporates a fold-down second zipper, which provides additional ventilation while the main one does the job of avoiding snags. Meanwhile, your feet will enjoy added warmth due to its anatomically designed foot box construction.

The Helium 15 Down Insulated Sleeping Bag also employs a down defender that significantly improves its water resistance and offers protection in wet conditions.

Not surprisingly, the bag also has an internal pocket for items you want to keep safe, secure, and close by on cold nights.

The hood drawcord and zipper garage add ease of use to the Marmot Helium 15 and show the brand’s years of experience.

While this Marmot sleeping bag is expensive, it offers some of the best numbers on the list and is worth the investment if you want to get out camping all winter.

10. Nemo Kyan 35 Men’s Synthetic Sleeping Bag




  • Temp Rating: 7 C/Lower Limit: 2 C
  • Minimum Weight: 1 lb , 15 oz / 890 g
  • Fill Type: Synthetic
  • Shape: Mummy

Reasons to buy:

+ Premium quality insulation

+ Eco-friendly

Reason to avoid:

– May struggle on colder nights

Price: $249.95



The Nemo Kyan 35 Men’s Synthetic Sleeping Bag is a product specially designed to make you forget you’re actually sleeping outside and is one of the lightest synthetic insulation sleeping bags that Nemo offers.

The Kyan 35 employs revolutionary Primaloft Eco Silver that is eco-friendly, delivers ultra-compressibility, and provides extensive warmth even when wet. Waterproof and breathable fabrics make it highly resistant to moisture, which is handy in humid conditions.

The zipper? Snagless. Hood warmth? Top-rated. The Nemo Kyan 35 Men’s Synthetic Sleeping Bag also features a hood drawcord and a full-length zipper that can be fully unzipped should you need some extra ventilation on those warmer nights.

Moreover, the built-in Thermo Grills can help regulate the temperature to avoid feeling overly warm. This is a bag that understands that being too warm in a sleeping bag can be just as uncomfortable as being too cold.

The sleeping bag also comes with the customary internal storage pocket where you can keep your valuables close at hand, as well as an external sack for easy storage and transportation.

While the Nemo Kyan 35 Men’s Synthetic Sleeping Bag is a light, warm, and comfortable option for most three-season camping, its temperature rating means it may struggle to provide a good night’s sleep as the mercury plunges.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide variety of features. It can be pretty overwhelming! Some are designed for specific seasons or climates, while others are more versatile. It’s important to think about where, when, and how you intend to use your sleeping bag before making a final decision.

For example, they can be used to sleep warm when hiking or cold-weather camping, but they can also be used indoors as extra bedding, in a van or sitting around the fire.

Here are five key things to consider when you’re weighing up your next (or first!) sleeping bag purchase.


1. Temperature Rating

One of the most important things to consider when buying a sleeping bag is the temperature rating.

This number indicates the minimum temperature at which the bag will keep you warm. If you plan on camping or backpacking in cold weather, make sure to choose a bag with a low-temperature rating.

More isn’t necessarily better though! If your bag is too warm you won’t be able to use it in warmer months, you can always use a sleeping bag liner to boost the warmth of your bag.

For milder weather, a bag with a higher temperature rating should do the job just fine.


2. Comfort Rating

Not to be confused with temperature rating, the comfort rating is a guide to the temperature at which the bag will keep you comfortable. It’s often higher than the ‘lower limit’ temperature rating and is a good one to look at if you sleep colder.

Women generally sleep slightly colder and find this a better guide, but that’s a generalisation and it comes down to personal preference.

Be aware of the ‘extreme’ or ‘survival’ temperature too. Sometimes brands highlight this number, but it’s not helpful for a good (or even mediocre) night’s sleep.


3. Shapes

There are many variations on sleeping bag shapes, but these are the main ones:


This is a more traditional style that is roomier than a mummy bag and allows for greater freedom of movement. However, they typically don’t have a hood, weigh more and aren’t as thermally efficient as mummy bags.

Tapered rectangular

This is a more form-fitting style that is narrower at the feet and affords some extra space to move around in.


This one is designed to fit snugly around your body to trap heat and prevent cold air from seeping in. They typically have a hood to keep your head warm and are one of the most thermally efficient types of bags. If you’re a hiker this is the bag shape for you.


4. Fill Type


The fill is made from synthetic materials such as polyester, meaning such bags are typically less expensive than down bags and still provide good insulation, even when wet.


The fill is made from duck or goose feathers, typically making them more expensive than synthetic bags while providing better insulation. They also tend to be lighter and more compressible. The down is often treated for water repellency but it’s still not advised to get these bags wet.




Cotton tends to make for a more breathable, albeit heavier, fill. Cotton bags tend to be more suitable for hot weather and very affordable. They are easy to wash but if you’re hiking and a bag like this gets wet it won’t provide any warmth at all.


5. Additional Features

Some sleeping bags come with additional features, such as a hood, water-resistant shell, or zippered opening. Consider which features are most important to you when making your selection. Being able to zip open the footbox, or completely open the sleeping bag into a doona are some of the best features.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics to consider when shopping for a sleeping bag, let’s take a look at 10 of the best sleeping bags on the market in Australia in 2023.

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Wrapping Up…

Sleeping bags can provide lots of comfort and warmth for their weight and are one of the first things you should think about getting if you want to camp, hike, bikepack or generally explore more often.

They also come with advantages and disadvantages that should be explored before you invest in one. With so many other options on the market, it’s important to do your research and find the best sleeping bag for your needs. Be realistic about your needs and if you clearly need two bags, it could be worth having the options, rather than trying to make one bag do it all.

Whether you need a winter sleeping bag, the lightest sleeping bag out there or a big ol’ camping bag, we hope we were able to narrow your list down a little.

If you’re thinking about your next adventure, then you should also read our list of of the best camping coffee makers. We put together that list to help you choose the right one to pack alongside your new sleeping bag. Coffee while sitting in your sleeping bag, there’s not much better.

Sleeping Bag FAQs

How expensive is a good sleeping bag?

When it comes to sleeping bags, price isn’t the best indicator of quality. Look instead at the quality of materials, how well it suits your specific needs, and how portable it is.

What is considered ultralight sleeping bag?

Any sleeping bag that weighs under 900g (or 2 pounds for our mates across the ocean) is considered to be an ultralight sleeping bag.

What is the best weight to warmth sleeping bag?

When buying a sleeping bag, you want to look for ones made using down because they give the best value when it comes to the weight to warmth ratio.

We’ve shared these recommendations because we genuinely rate them and want you to enjoy them too. Our writers use a mix of personal experience and research to compile these lists, and they’re also encouraged to be honest when things aren’t up to scratch. For more information on our approach, check out our Editorial Standards.