Running out of time to get the best-behaved runner in your crew a gift for Christmas? Let professional trail runners Courtney and Jack help you out with their list of the products they won’t run without.


A runner’s journey is made a lot easier with a few key essentials. As a couple who not only love running, but have also run for a living, we’re keen to share our top recommendations for the runners in your lives this Christmas.


If Courtney Gilfillan and Jack Gill reckon it’s a good gift for runners, it’s probably because it is.


We run because we love the great outdoors, we love being fit, and we love inspiring others to do the same. Together we recently started Gilly’s Coaching and Wellness to help other runners achieve their goals.

Check out our list to see some of our favourite products that we use in all our running adventures!

1. Hammer Nutrition Fizz Electrolyte Tablets


When it comes to nutrition, staying on top of hydration and energy levels during a run is essential in order to get the most out of the body and feel energised throughout. The Hammer Nutrition Fizz Electrolyte Tablets are an easy way to make water taste great, and make sure the runner you’re buying for is properly hydrated.

‘I love the natural taste and the variety of flavours the fizz tablets have that I use as my source of electrolytes’ – Courtney Gilfillan.

A great gift idea to help fuel the runner in your life on their runs is Fizz Electrolyte Tablets mixed in with a Spring Energy Gel. Energy plus hydration in one small package!


2. Spring Energy’s Range of Gels



Nothing gets a runner down quicker than running out of juice right when they need it most. Help them avoid this frustration by stocking them up with Spring Energy’s Range of Gels. These come in a wide range with options tailored for different diets – like this vegan one – different race requirements – like ‘Long Haul’, ‘Hill Aid’, and ‘Power Rush’ – and one with caffeine. There’s even one called ‘Awesome Sauce’.

‘With 180 calories and 45g of carbs sourced from 100g natural flavour and mostly organic whole foods, this great tasting gel (micro meal) truly is the cleanest source of fuel on the market’ – Jack Gill.

If you want to get real fancy, grab your mate some gels, plus some of the Hammer Nutrition Fizz Electrolyte Tablets so they can pair them together. The combination of these two products gives a balance of electrolytes and carbohydrates leaving the runner confident to go out and perform at their best.


3. Naked SL Unisex Running Belt


Being able to carry our nutrition to fuel up during our run is made easier and simpler by using the Naked Unisex SL Running Belt. The belt allows runners to securely hold their fluid and nutrition supplies on the go.

It’s easy to access on the run and is great for carrying your phone and other essentials, such as a snake bandage, out on the trails. If you’re looking for an impressive gift, make it a bundle and pair it with the two nutrition products listed above!


4. Salomon ADV Skin 12 Unisex Hydration Vest




The Salomon Adv 12 Hydration Vest is the perfect gift for any trail runner. With 12L storage capacity spread out over many super versatile and accessible pockets, essentials are easy to store and convenient to access whilst out on the trails.  

Compatible with a 1.5L bladder and 2 x 500ml flasks, it enough fluid for hours of running. 


5. Injinji Socks



The Injinji Socks range offers a wide variety of options and sizes for a runner dedicated to the health and performance of their feet.

‘I love the way my feet feel in Injinji socks. I’ve tried and used these now over numerous runs and races, ranging from short-course to long-course. I’ve been a lot more protected from getting blisters with the nice toe sock support this sock offers.’ – Courtney Gilfillan.

Every runner can benefit from a great sock to go with their running shoes. Good socks help enhance the comfort and support they get during their run. The Injinji socks are a great gift idea for anyone who loves to run outdoors! Plus they now come in a range of different colours and designs so that you can run pretty.


6. Salomon Thundercross Trail Running Shoes



The Salomon Thundercross Trail Running Shoes are great for all distances and movement types. They suit everything from everyday running to hiking, road running, and mountain trails. 

Designed for rugged terrains, these shoes feature a grippy Contagrip outsole, which offers premium traction. With a lightweight and breathable mesh upper, your feet stay cool and fresh, while the SensiFit technology ensures a snug fit. This shoe comes in many sizes and multiple colours. Whatever type of terrain it encounters, this shoe really is a great gift for the runner in your life.

‘We love our Salomon Pulsar Trail Shoes, taking them with us and along our journey on foot from the road to the mountain! These shoes have given us support and comfort for many running and hiking miles’ – Courtney Gilfillan and Jack Gill. 


7. OSFA 2XU Run Unisex Visor



Sun protection is essential to consider when heading out on a run. The 2XU Unisex Lightweight Run Visors offer a range of colours, all giving sun protection to the face. They feature handy adjustable Velcro with silicon tabs. 

The semi-curved brim of the visor gives it a modern look and it does the job on a hot sweaty day with its moisture-wicking sweatband. It’s not only a great option for sun protection and sweat absorption on the run, it also looks pretty good post-run at the coffeeshop.

Check out the pink one


8. Polar Verity Sense Heart Rate Sensor



The Polar Verity Sense HR Strap Sensor is a great addition to any runners kit to help them take their training to the next level. The sleek arm strap offers ultimate freedom and comfort whilst running, and greater accuracy than wrist-based heart rate sensors (in the back of the watch).

Connect the strap to any sports watch or training app to download all your data and metrics. 

This gift is something that every runner – newbie and professional alike – would appreciate and get huge value out of throughout their journey. 


9. On Running 5” Lightweight Mens Running Shorts



The On Running 5” Mens Running Shorts are minimalist lightweight shorts that are ideal for racing and training. The four-way stretch woven fabric is smooth and supportive against the skin, and the inner brief keeps you comfortable.

A small rear pocket, perfect for holding keys or a couple of gels, makes these shorts a great choice for short and long efforts alike.


10. The North Face Dune Sky Womens 7/8 Tights



When it comes to buying a new pair of tights for women, these are a great option. The North Face Dune Sky 7/8 Tights feel buttery-soft, use moisture-wicking FlashDry technology, and are made with an 80% recyclable fabric. They come in all sizes and have a gusseted crotch for mobility.

Another great feature is the flat-seamed construction for a chafe-free fit, allowing women to feel comfortable throughout their running workouts.

Feeling comfortable as a woman in what we’re wearing is really important, it’s great to find that pair of tights or shorts we love that work for us’ – Courtney Gilfillan.


11. 2XU Womens Refresh Recovery Tights



Every runner at some point will need to look at the best recovery options for their muscles. 

‘I’ve used compression tights for many years throughout my training and racing. 2XU being my favourite compression tights giving power improvements when worn of up to 2% recovery between repeated bouts of exercise and 4.8% increase in blood lactate removal in a 60 min recovery period’ – Courtney Gilfillan.

The graduated fit promotes blood flow for faster muscle repair and recovery. These 2XU Women’s Refresh Recovery Tights are a great gift idea to reduce muscle stiffness and swelling post-exercise.


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