There probably aren’t many people you’d voluntarily watch run and pick up rubbish, but Beau Miles is one of them.


Back in December, Beau Miles promised us 12 videos in 12 days, of him doing 12 new things. The 12 Days of Newness he called it, but because December always gets the better of everyone, he didn’t quite hit the full dozen. Sure we groaned at the time, but now we’re squealing ‘Yipee!’ as he’s just dropped one more nugget of gold and it feels like it’s Christmas again.

On this day, day seven of The 12 Days of Newness, Beau’s running to the tip and picking up every piece of rubbish that he sees along the way.

Unsurprisingly, there’s a lot of random crap strewn along the roadsides, but it’s the little stories Beau comes up with about why each item is there that’s my favourite part. 

‘Imagine getting so angry at your headrest, you just throw it out the window?’ 

Beau also manages to feed himself along the way with discarded food he finds, not for the first time. 

The only thing I wish he’d done differently is wear a damn pair of gloves! Anyway, hook in!