Beau Miles does some whacky and kooky stuff and for Christmas this year he’s decided to do 12 days of whacky and kooky stuff, but it’s all stuff he’s never done before – introducing, 12 days of newness. 


For 12 days leading up to Christmas, Beau’s dropping 12 videos of him doing something new – even if it’s things everyone else has done before.

He’s three days in and so far Beau’s had his hair cut at the barber for the first time, completed a makeshift triathlon to get to work, had his portrait painted for the Archibald prize, and paid $14.20 to put his car through the car wash. There’s a first time for everything and it’s right now.

We’re like impatient kids with an advent calendar waiting to see what he does next and it’s a bloody delight.

If you haven’t jumped onto this Christmas content train yet, do yourself a favour and watch from the start.

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