Tim Ashelford

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Wait, The Shoalhaven Has A Wilderness?

  What comes to your mind when I say “The Shoalhaven”? Is it sun-drenched beaches, crisp white sand and ragged lookin’ beachy dudes? Not surprising, the region roughly 200km (only 2 hours!) South of Sydney is famous for its coastline.... Read More...
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Climbing Of Uluru Finally Banned

From the 26th October 2019, the climbing of Uluru will be banned following a unanimous decision from the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park board. A History Of Disrespect The controversial climb has been a constant sore point for the Anangu peopl... Read More...

Tim Ashelford


Tim's a trail runner, rock climber and surfer who's stoked that he gets to pull together stories of adventure from around Australia each week for We Are Explorers. He's passionate about inspiring people to challenge themselves outdoors and build their love for the environment and real experiences.