Tim Ashelford

James Waddell, Bellbird Wall, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Mitch Stewart climbing

Maybe I Am Competitive?

I always thought that my penchant for outdoor sports boiled down to some kind of “pure” engagement with myself. My passion for self-improvement was somehow distilled; removed from the sometimes-toxic world of team sports and organised competition. Bu... Read More...
KATHMANDU climbing

What You Don’t Know About Kathmandu

This article is brought to you by Kathmandu, in partnership with We Are Explorers. Eco-friendly buildings and 2020 targets sound straight out of Parliament House, but for Kathmandu they’re business as usual. Did you know that they’ve got 8 expert ge... Read More...

Tim Ashelford


Tim is a weekend explorer who can’t decide which outdoor sport he loves the most. Between rock-climbing, surfing, trail-running and mountain-biking he squeezes in some writing and loves to inspire others. A keen environmentalist and amateur biologist, he's constantly stoking out on nature and trying to catch exciting new bugs.