Joel Johnsson

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Eat Like A Backcountry King

With more kilometres under his boots than a bushranger at full bore, Joel has had his fair share of meals on the trail. Here he shares with us his go-to hiking ...

The Junkyard Wind Racer Derby

Think there's no adventure left? Think again. This ragtag bunch of misfits set themselves a challenge: to build wind-powered billy karts from scrap and salvage ...

Joel Johnsson

Featured Explorer

A born neophile with a love of spontaneous adventure, Joel can be found on any given weekend (and many given weekdays) exploring some new canyon, beach or waterfall. Given that his day-job is saving the world from climate change, he’s one person we think needs to spend more time in the office. Regardless, he seems constantly on the verge of throwing it all in and opening a hammock bar in Tahiti.